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Precision, agility, and skill are the key words of that class. The disciples were before ordinary archers, but as their arrows were totally ineffective against more and more powerful monsters, their god Cra gave them a part of her power to make some adjustments.

The Cra or Cra's Range are long-range archers, doing progressively stronger damage at long range. Cra have a wide variety of spells that can strike enemies almost anywhere on the field as well as keep enemies away. In addition, Cra have a small number of passives that make their ranged attacks more effective. Cra have limited area attacks and single HP steal attack. Cra do not have summons (not counting dopple summoning, because every class have it).

Cra have at least one spell of each element, but their starting element is Fire, followed immediately by Earth. Cra do not get their Air spells until their mid-levels, and their only Water spell is gained very late.



In general, most Cra builds start out by focusing on either Intelligence (fire) or Strength (earth) for the first 50+ points. Agility and hybrid Cra add Agility. Most Cra builds do not boost Vitality, nor Wisdom until main stat reaches 4:1. Chance hybrids can work well around level 150-170 but are usually scrolled because of restrictive softcaps.SUCK MY DICK SUCK MY MOTHERFUCKER DICK.

Class spells[]

Icon Name Level Element Short description
Soubor:Critical shooting.png
Critical Shooting 1 N/A Zvíšení možnosti Critical hit
Soubor:Frozen arrow.png Frozen Arrow 1 Fire
Weak Fire damage, AP reduction
Soubor:Magic arrow.png Magic Arrow 1 Fire
Medium Fire damage
Soubor:Homing arrow.png Homing Arrow 3 Earth
Weak Earth damage
Soubor:Burning arrow.png Burning Arrow 6 Fire
High Fire, damage on line
Soubor:Distant shooting.png Distant Shooting 9 N/A Increase your range
Soubor:Atonement arrow.png Atonement Arrow 13 Neutral
High Neutral damage, short range
Soubor:Bat's Eye.png Bat's Eye 17 N/A Reduce Ranges of Anyone with AoE
Soubor:Retreat arrow.png Retreat Arrow 21 Air
Air damage, pushback
Soubor:Paralyzing arrow.png Paralyzing Arrow 26 Neutral
Neutral damage, MP reduction
Soubor:Punitive arrow.png Punitive Arrow 31 Earth
Earth damage, medium range
Soubor:Powerful shooting.png Powerful Shooting 36 N/A +100% damage
Soubor:Plagued arrow.png Plaguing Arrow 42 Air
Weak Air damage, no line of sight
Soubor:Lashing arrow.png Lashing Arrow 48 Earth
Earth damage, MP reduction
Soubor:Eye of lynx.png Eagle Eye 54 N/A increase friendly range
Soubor:Destructive arrow.png Destructive Arrow 60 Earth
Earth damage
Soubor:Absorptive arrow.png Absorptive Arrow 70 Air
Air life steal
Soubor:Slow down arrow.png Slow Down Arrow 80 Water
Water area damage, AP reduction
Soubor:Explosive arrow.png Explosive Arrow 90 Fire
Fire area damage
Soubor:Bow skill.png Bow Skill 100 N/A Plus damages (not to be confused with 'Scroll: Bow Skill')
Summoning of Dopple Summoning of Cra Dopple 200 N/A Summons a Cra Dopple

Weapon damage[]

Weapon Axe Bow Dagger Hammer Pickaxe Scythe Shovel Staff Sword Wand
Cra -10% 0% -5% -10% -10% -10% -10% -10% -10% -10%

Generally, Cra who do not attack with Class Spells will attack with Bows or daggers, despite the inability to wear a Shield. This is due to the lack of damage penalty as opposed to when attacking with other weapons.


The table below summarizes the main options for viable Cra builds. More experience players might take the challenge of less common, harder to play builds. A complete list of non-standard Cra builds can be found on the Experimental Builds page.

Builds are being reorganized. 'Old' lists of builds can be found on the Experimental Builds page as an interim solution. See Dofus:Community Portal/Class Guides for a discussion about the changes.

°=Not recommended, +=Longshot build (require high investment), ++=Fun but challenging build, +++=Proven, solid build

Element(s) Rating Notes
Pure elemental builds
Strength-based +++ Power build. Deals very high, but inconsistent damage at medium range. Homing Arrow provides weak long range damage. Has access to excellent weapons.
Intelligence-based +++ Range build. Deals consistent, reliable Area of Effect damage at long range. Fearsome in PvP, but has less choice in weapons.
Chance-based + Unorthodox build. Very difficult to play, has few weapon choices, and is not recommended for beginners. Relies on weapons, such as Ykulf Bow, until gaining Slow Down Arrow at level 80. Deals Area of Effect damage whilst reducing AP.
Agility-based ++ Tactical build. Has only moderate damage and range, but can shoot from behind obstacles, steal HP, and knockback enemies.
Hybrid elemental builds
Strength + Intelligence ++ Combines Strength-based and Intelligence-based builds for access to both range and power.
Other builds

Training dopple[]

Training dopple is at the Cra temple (0,3). General strategy is as follows:

Dopple level HP Item needed Notes
20 100 Flax String Easy with Young Adventurer Set
40 200 Small Twiggy Bow Casts Punitive and Paralyzing Arrow. The first couple turns it will boost with Distant and Powerful Shooting in addition to attacking. After that, though, it's 2 attacks a turn.
60 300 Silk String HP 300 AP 7 MP 4 Shoots with Retreat Arrow and Plaguing Arrow - quite a difficult act to follow for a level 40-59 Cra.
80 400 Cherry Wood HP 400, AP 7, MP 5. Resistance: AP loss 70, MP loss 70, Neutral 20, Earth 20, Fire 20, Water 20, Air 20. Casts Slow Down Arrows that average 100 damage per turn.
100 500? Resistant String AP 8, MP 5. Shoots with Explosive Arrow twice. Uses Eagle Eye, Bat's Eye, Critical Shooting and Distant Shooting at lvl 5. Damages are of course very random, but it can go up to 400 per turn. Best strategy you can use is to equip yourself with a fire resistant set, including for instance grazor or fire bwak pet. Try to inflict heavy damages rapidly at the very beginning, don't boost. At times, during the second or the third turn, the dopple will start casting bat's eye and eagle's eye. Use this time for boosting yourself and use Powerful Shooting. Don't let it cast Explosive twice another time, or else you may be history. If you keep hitting it while it boosts itself you can inflict more damage, so it would be easier for you to kill it.


Reading Cra backwards gives arc, which is French for bow.