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Male Masqueraider Masqueraider symbol Female Masqueraider
Masqueraiders are power hungry creatures. According to them, the gods only provide a limited amount of power, so they had to look for another source. The animist masks they wear give them power and, according to legend, immortality.

Masqueraiders or Masqueraider's Mystique are varied fighters who gain their abilities via three special masks. 

Depending on which mask they wear they can go from more offensive, to defensive, to a more balanced approach in fights. They have a wide range of spells, from outright damage and HP drain spells to special shield spells.



The characteristics most closely associated with this class are:

  • Strength: Worst flexibility with range, but decent damage on all spells.
  • Agility: Boasts the only 3 AP attack and AoE attack in the Masqueraider's arsenal.
  • Chance: Focuses on shoving around enemies, has a very unique push-back buff.
  • Vitality: Shields rely on the caster's HP, so can be useful for a support build.

Class spells[]

Icon Name Level Element Short description
Bestand:Diffraction.png Diffraction Exchange for doploons   Gives each ally and enemy a shield.
Bestand:Cowardly Mask.png Cowardly Mask 1   Applies the cowardly mask, forbids the use of weapons and increases caster and their allies' Dodge.
Bestand:Martelo.png Martelo 1 Earth
Steals life in the Earth element and applies a Dodge Penalty to the target.
Bestand:Reinforcement.png Reinforcement 1 Earth Air Water
Earth, Air and Water
Deals the enemy damages in 3 elements and moves the caster away from the target.
Bestand:Picada.png Picada 3 Air
Deals Air damages and applies a Lock penalty to the target.
Bestand:Bling.png Bling 6   Brings the caster closer to the target
Bestand:Tortoruga.png Tortoruga 9   Applies a shield around the target
Bestand:Classic Mask.png Classic Mask 13   Applies the Classic Mask and increases the caster and their allies' lock in the area of effect.
Bestand:Retention.png Retention 17 Air
Steals life in the Air element and subtracts MP from the target.
Bestand:Psychopath Mask.png Psychopath Mask 21   Applies the Psychopath Mask and increases the damages of the caster and their allies.
Bestand:Furia.png Furia 26 Earth
Brings the caster closer to the target, deals Earth damages and increases the caster's fixed damages for the rest of the current turn.
Bestand:Distance.png Distance 31 Water
Deals Water damages to enemies and pushes the target back in a straight line.
Bestand:Plastron.png Plastron 36   Applies a shield around the caster and their allies in the area of effect.
Bestand:Ardour.png Ardour 42   Desensitses the target to lock and increases its damages, but makes it unhealable.
Bestand:Stampede.png Stampede 48   Teleports over a short distance and increases MP.
Bestand:Capering.png Capering 54 Air
Teleports you to the target cell, deals Air damages in a cross and increases the caster's damages during the current turn.
Bestand:Decoy.png Decoy 60 Water
Steals life in the Water element from enemies and attracts the target in a straight line.
Bestand:Trance.png Trance 70   Applies a shield around the allied target, but also temporarily decreases their HP.
Bestand:Apathy.png Apathy 80 Earth
Deals Earth damages and subtracts MP from the target.
Bestand:Boliche.png Boliche 90 Water
Increase the Pushback damages for the current turn, brings the caster closer to its target, deals Water damage to enemies and pushes the target back.
Bestand:Masquerade.png Masquerade 100   Temporarily reduces the HP of all allies and enemies.
Summoning of Dopple Summoning of Masqueraider Dopple 200   Summons a Masqueraider Dopple.

Class Set[]

The Masqueraider class set is the Moody Set .


°=Not recommended, +=Longshot build (require high investment), ++=Fun but challenging build, +++=Proven, solid build

Element(s) Rating Notes
Pure elemental builds
Chance-Based ++ Bully build, pushes and pulls opponent while doing damage
Strength-Based +++ Psychotic Build, sacrifices range to deal high damage. No long-distance spells until level 80
Agility-Based ++ Hit-and-Run build, can deal moderate amounts of damage with Picada at range and deals high AOE with Capering
Hybrid elemental builds
Strength + Agility +++ Street Fighter build, uses spell combos to cause excellent damage
Other builds
Vitality-build + Blocker build, can provide huge layers of protection with the use of shields.(recommended in groups only)


See the general Leveling guide or the specific build pages.


The Masqueraider Temple can be found at (1,-8), where you can get info about Masqueraiders, redeem Doploons and fight the Masqueraider Dopple.