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Doro L. Blak
Efekty :
  • 41-60 Chance Water
  • 31-50 Wisdom Wisdom
  • 21-30 Prospecting Prospecting
  • 6-10 Damage Damage
  • 6-10% Fire Resistance Fire
  • 6-10% Neutral Resistance Neutral
Warunki :
  • Brak
Doro L
Level : 129

Kategoria : Hat
Waga : 10 pods

Oficjalny opis
This cap used to belong to a little Xelorette who got a kick out of disrupting the passage of time. Legend has it that she once stole several days off the inhabitants of Amakna. She had to hand out quite a few candies to make up for that little trick.

Doro L. Blak należy do kategorii Hat.


Wytwarzany przez Tailora (129 lvl) z:

Do kupienia w:

  • Tailors' Market