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Gobball Amulet
Efekty :
  • 11-15 Vitality Vitality
  • 7-10 Strength Earth
  • 7-10 Intelligence Fire
Warunki :
  • Brak
Gobball Amulet
Level : 20

Kategoria : Amulet
Waga : 10 pods

Oficjalny opis
A fine piece of Gobball horn, this. The material is known for bringing peace and wisdom to these tranquil beasts, so a Gobball Amulet should bring peace and wisdom too. Although since you murdered the poor thing to get it, maybe the opposite will happen. Who knows.

Gobball Amulet należy do kategorii Amulet.

Należy do Gobball Set.


Wytwarzany przez Jewellera (20 lvl) z:

  • 10 Gobball Horn
  • 5 Evil Dandelion Stem
  • 1 Gobball War Chief Horn

Do kupienia w:

  • Jewellers' Market

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