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Liche Chain
Efekty :
  • -11 do -50 Vitality Vitality.png
  • 11-20 Wisdom Wisdom.png
  • 21-30 Chance Water.png
  • 2 Summon Summon.png
Warunki :
  • Brak
Liche Chain
Level : 45

Kategoria : Amulet
Waga : 2 pods

Oficjalny opis
The Liche was a dirty creature known for infiltrating the ranks of valiant warriors in order to steal food. Marmalade and toast was his favourite. But one day, the warriors saw through its little game and the Liche had to run away.

Liche Chain należy do kategorii Amulet.


Wytwarzany przez Jewellera (45 lvl) z:

Do kupienia w:

  • Jewellers' Market