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Magic Famished Sunflower Petal
Level: 20
Kategoria: Flower (Kwiat)
Waga: 1 pod
Magic Famished Sunflower Petal
Oficjalny opis
Just like any magical item, this one is impressive. The petal emits an aura that is as powerful as the incredulity of any onlookers.

Magic Famished Sunflower Petal należy do kategorii Flower (Kwiat).


Wypada z:


Stosowany przy produkcji:

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  • Dragostess Hat
  • Eco Bow
  • Famished Sunflower Essence
  • Farmer Amulet
  • Farmer Bag
  • Farmer Beltudas
  • Farmer Boots
  • Farmer Moth-Eaten Mittens
  • Farmer Sunhat
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  • Horned Staff
  • Ice Knight Sword
  • Invisible Cape
  • Kaliptus Headband
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