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Spelunking To jest misja działająca w Incarnam. (Żeby ją zrobić Musisz przejść Incarnam Dungeon.)


  • Zejdź po schodach (6,5) i porozmawiaj z Dunge Onmast'her.


|text=Well, here's an adventurer. Do you know what's expecting you at the other end of this cave?
Glory and wealth?
Well, spare yourself, I always have the same answers. And as usual, I'll have to explain what's really going on in the depths of these caves. There are monsters, lots of monsters. But you knew that. And at the very end of this maze, there's their chief. A horrible creature capable of eviscerating the strongest of adventurers. Now you've been warned. If you want to go further, find some fellow adventurers to come with you and stand on the SLABS. It will open the doors.
What about the treasures?
Oh, there will certainly be some valuable things, but if we come to meet again I will give you your reward for surviving the worst cesspit. But just once.
Adventure is awaiting me!

Step 1: Whose puppie is it?[]

Onmast prosi cię żebyś zabił potwora na końcu jaskini.

  • Zabij potwora: x1 Snoowolf w jednej walce.
  • Porozmawiaj z Dunge Onmast'herem again.
1 Flud

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