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A party of monsters.

A monster is anything which can be engaged in combat outside of PvP. Monsters can be found across the entire Amaknean Continent.

Fighting monsters is sometimes dubbed Player versus Monster or PvM for short.

According to their ecosystem, monsters can be divided into the following groups:

  • Field monsters
  • Mountain monsters
  • Forest monsters
  • Various Creatures
  • Creatures from the plains
  • Creatures from the moors
  • Creatures from Moon Island
  • Creatures from Wabbit Island
  • Creatures from Pandala
  • Humanoid Creatures
  • Creatures of Darkness
  • Creatures from the swamps
  • Creatures from the cities
  • Breeder Village Creatures
  • Resource Protectors
  • Creatures from the Minotoror Island
  • Creatures from the Beach
  • Creatures from the Beginner Area
  • Creatures from Otomai Island
  • Archmonsters
  • Frigost monsters
  • Vulkania Archipelago Monsters