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This article is about items which fits on the resources pane in the inventory display, i.e. items that are not equipment or potions/parchments. For the item type/category Resource, see Category:Resource

Resources are items which have no use on their own. Resources are used either for crafting, exchanging for other items, accessing certain areas, or fulfilling quests.

Resources can be obtained in several ways: crafting, harvesting, exchanging with or buying from NPCs, and defeating monsters. Players can also freely trade or sell their resources to other players.

Resources belong to one of these categories:

  • Alchemy Equipment
  • Alloy
  • Bone
  • Cereal
  • Fabric
  • Feather
  • Fish
  • Flour
  • Flower
  • Fruit
  • Gutted fish
  • Hair
  • Key
  • Leather
  • Meat
  • Metaria
  • Oil
  • Ore
  • Plant
  • Powder
  • Precious stone
  • Preserved meat
  • Resource
  • Seed
  • Skin
  • Smithmagic Potion
  • Smithmagic Rune
  • Stone
  • Stuffed Animal
  • Tail
  • Vegetable
  • Wood
  • Wool