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Инкарнам Задания это задания которые можно взять на выполнение в области Инкарнам.


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  1. Main Story
  2. Krosmoz
  3. Incarnam

Основные правила[]

Название Требования Описание Награда
Defeat the Monster
Start As You Mean to Go On

Моя история[]

Название Требования Описание Награда
Journey to Astrub
The Relics of Setsun
Life After Death
On the Trail of the Dofus
The Relics of Ryzsun
From Nhin to Nhin
Follow Your Path


Название Требования Описание Награда
The Reginator's New Clothes


Название Требования Описание Награда
First Weapons
In the Line of Duty: Chafers
In the Line of Duty: Crabs and Boar
In the Line of Duty: Wild Flowers
In the Line of Duty: Larvae
The World According to Djaycy
At the Kerubs' Service
Snoo to You!
The Shovel of Duty
Temporary Death
Dungeon Key
Primary Instincts
Fine Arts
Water Story
Popular Militia
O Captain! My Captain!
Incarnam Dungeon
It's in the Bag
Fair Trade
Be Aware!
A Tough Blow
Up Hill and Down Dale
Zaap Away!
A Test of Humility
Dare You Challenge an Osamodas?
Forever Friends
First Logs
Manufacture: Ash Plank
First Ears
Manufacture: Wheat Flour
First Fish
Manufacture: Gutted Gudgeon
First Flowers
Manufacture: Mini Healing Potion