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NPC Details
Area Archipelago of Vulkania
5-O Dunno Willems
Location Traktopel Forest
Coords [-55,44]
Details Surf Beach
Options Talk

5-O Dunno Willems is an NPC.



I never should have agreed to wear such a ridiculous costume, it's so hot inside... Oh, a pigeon!
Ahem... Hello there, dear tourist, I am part of the official Vulkania Five-O: O for Oarsmen, of course.
Would you like to set off for Aussiemod Islet? It'll cost you a measly 100 kamas.

Accept. (You pay 100 Kamas to travel)

Had enough of this place and want to return to the island of Vulkania?
No problem, that'll be 100 kamas.

Get on without paying. (You travel for free)
Hit the oarsman.

Stop! You dirty arachscal, I'm calling security! Help!


Grants access to
  • Aussiemod Islet