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Certain spells can cause a loss of AP or MP during a fight, most of them have a chance of succeeding or failing based on the AP/MP Loss Resistance of the target and the AP/MP Reduction of the attacker.

Every 10 points in Wisdom increases the following characteristics by 1 point:

  • AP Reduction
  • MP Reduction
  • AP Loss Resistance
  • MP Loss Resistance

Some gear modifies these characteristics directly. If a character has +30 Wisdom and +3 AP Reduction, he would have +6 AP Reduction but only +3 for the other characteristics associated with Wisdom.

When a character or monster attempts to drain AP or MP from a target, a dodge roll is performed for each AP or MP in the effect. For example, for Slow Down level 6, three dodge rolls would be performed, one for each AP, in sequence.

The formula used is the following:


  • P: Probability to make someone lose an AP/MP
  • A: AP/MP Reduction of the attacker
  • R: AP/MP Resistance of the target
  • Pr: Percentage of AP/MP that the target still has

The values are limited, so that they are between minimum 10% of chance and maximum 90% of chance.

If the attacker's Reduction is equal to the target's Resistance, the attacker has a 50% chance to remove the first AP/MP (A / R would be 1, and Pr is 1, then 1 * 1 / 2 is 50%). Resistance bonus and penalties don't apply to Reduction.

As a rule of thumb, if your Reduction is lower than your opponent's Resistance, you will have a lesser chance of removing AP/MP. But if your Reduction is greater than your opponent's Resistance, you will have a greater chance to remove AP or MP.

Spells that increase your APMP Loss Resistance don't modify AP Reduction and so will not increase your chances of taking AP or MP.

Only effects on the form Target loses x AP/MP can be resisted. -x AP/MP always succeeds.

Certain Loss[]

Certain AP Loss[]

Certain MP Loss[]

Resistable Loss[]

Resistable AP Loss[]

Resistable MP Loss[]


As of 1.25, The evaluation for AP and MP loss has been completely revised.

As of 2.2.0, the characteristics AP/MP Reduction and AP/MP Loss Resistance have been added (and the display has changed from percentage to a fixed value).