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Quest Summary
Starting Talk to Don Eaddat at [3,-23]
Level required 10
Other prerequisites None
Recommended level
Total rewards Level-Based XP, 2,000 Kamas, 1 Bear Tooth
Items required
(not provided by quest)
Sequel None

A Bear in the Gobball's House is a quest.


Talk to Don Eaddat at [3,-23] in Astrub Outskirts.


Oh my! It's the same thing every day! If I sleep for so much as a minute the whole night, I find a part of my herd slaughtered. I've seen a creature in these parts that looked like a Miliboowolf, only hairier. I've tried to catch it... but it's too fast. I wonder who might know about this. There must be someone in Astrub some sort of expert... Don't you think?

Offer your help.

I think Osamodas masters know a lot about these creatures. I don't know any masters personally, though...

Step 1: The Hairy Beast[]

Don Eaddat the shepherd has problems with a hairy beast. He's looking for someone who can tell him more about the creature.
  • Find a monster expert
Talk to Abrazelon Sixgriffe in Osamodas statue [-1,-17].

A hairy creature of the size of a Miliboowolf that attacks the Gobballs at night? Hm, it sounds like the work of the Bearman... Perhaps you've heard of this fellow... who can control bears. They say that all his power comes from an old Osamodas manuscript. If you steal it from him, you'll stop this terrible Gobball slaughter, but remember, you cannot succeed alone. Unless you challenge him with a group of adventurers, he will not use his scroll... first things first though... you'll need to find his lair first. It shouldn't be difficult - this kind of creature always leaves trace behind...

Step 2: Osamodas Report[]

Abrazelon Sixgriffe said the Bearman was able to control very powerful creatures. Before you set off to find him, you'll have to inform Don Eaddat of your discovery...

A bear, is it? If you're looking to track it down, I saw it roaming West of here last night. Thanks for taking the trouble, you'll be justly rewarded!

Step 3: On the Bear track[]

You have to follow the bear's footsprints all the way to its lair....
  • Find the map: The Bear's lair
Follow the bear tracks, [-1,-27]

Step 4: On your guard, Bearman[]

According to Abrazelon, the Bearman will only use his parchment if several people attack him. You'll also have to take it to him so he can authenticate it.

Ahhh, yes indeed, this is the Osamodas' s manuscript for the bear invocation. Thank you for returning it to us!
You can tell Don Eaddat that the Gobball slaughter is over!


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