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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Amayiro
Other prerequisitesWalky Talky Hawky (Bonta Quest #68)
Recommended level
Total rewardsLevel based XP, Alignment level 69
Items required
(not provided by quest)
5 Drizzle Potion, 10 Drinking Water, 10 Pandkin Seed, 4 Magical Cure, 2 Hornbeam Wood, 4 Draught Potion
SequelThe Subterfuge of the Horn (Bonta Quest #70)

A Dark Power is a quest.



We have the horn, but...
I still don't have the slightest idea how to use it!
Nothing seems to happen when I blow it.
You'll have to go to ask Magus Ax about it, he's in Astrub and he'll know all about it.

Accept the mission.
You will receive 1 Fogornleg Horn

Step 1: Magus AxEdit

Amayiro has asked you to question Magus Ax to get a better understanding of how to invoke the Fogornleg Horn's powers.

(Humming) In the port of Madresdam, the sailors sing...

... but they can't carry a tune in a bucket...

I sense that you have a magic object in your possession. I sense you wish to show it to me.

Show the Fogornleg Horn.

And you wish to learn how to use it? Join me in the basement of the Alchemists' Market and we'll carry out the Revelation Ritual. In a corner is a cupboard. Stand in front of this cupboard and follow the passage that will open up before you. You'll need to bring two trusted friends with you, I want to help you but I don't want to do your work for you. I'll make a list of items you'll need. Bring them with you and everything should go well, unless you replace the Magical Cure for a Sulphur Pouch. It is very important you don't have any sulphur in your inventory, understood?

You will receive 1 Magus Ax' List
Magus Ax' list

Step 2: The RevelationEdit

Beneath the Alchemists' Market is a cupboard. You need to stand in front of it to open the secret passage. Magus Ax is waiting for you there.
Descend into the underground market, stand in front of the dark closet, the wardrobe shifts and opens a door.

(Humming) In the port of Madresdam, the sailors sing...

Ask him about the Ritual of Revelation.

You're finally here. I shall explain what the ritual involves. It's very simple, even an Iop can do it if he follows the instructions to the letter. Fill the tub with Drizzle Potion, then add 10 Pandkin Seed. Plunge the object into the tub and take it out without drying it, sprinkle it with 4 measures of Magical Cure, place it in a magic breeze and the revelation will occur. The tub should be heated throughout the ritual, one person should dedicate themselves to this task. Only Hornbeam Wood can be used. To activate the magic breeze, use 4 Draught Potions. Again, one person should dedicate themselves to this task. When your friends are standing in front of the machines, stand in front of the tub and put the items into it in order. DO NOT have any sulphur in your inventory, as you may die, or worse.

  • Carry out the Ritual of Revelation
Make sure you have all the items listed in Magus Ax' List in your inventory. Have one character stand on the tile in front of the heater, and the second character should stand on the tile in front of the pot that is to the right of Magus Ax. The character doing the quest should stand on the tile in front of the tub and click it to proceed. The quest should update after that.
You will lose 5 Drizzle Potions
You will lose 10 Water
You will lose 10 Pandkin Seed
You will lose 4 Magical Cure
You will lose 2 Hornbeam Wood
You will lose 4 Draught Potions
If the quest is not updating, make sure that the characters on the tiles are facing their respective machines and with the character that is doing the quest, stand on the side of the tub rather than the front of it and click it.


(Humming) In the port of Madresdam, the sailors sing...

Ask if the ritual worked.

The ritual was a success. I made a note of the details on a parchment. I've signed and dated it so Amayiro can see it's authentic. Good luck for the next part of your mission, you're going to need it.

You will lose 1 Magus Ax' List
You will receive 1 Result of the Revelation
  • Find the map: Market basement
Leaving the map will place you into a fight against two Ecas and two Fecas.

Step 3: Return to the FoldEdit

It's time to head back to Bonta and assess the situation with Amayiro.


Back already? Did Magus Ax give you any information about the horn?

Talk about the fight against the Brakmarians.

Congratulations on your victory against the Brakmarians. When I think of all the trouble we've gone through to get this Horn ... It will teach us not to put our faith in rumours and legends.If it's of an consolation, you can comfort yourself with the fact that thanks to the power of this Horn, there will be fewer young recruits on potato peeling duty. You have served Bonta brilliantly and your loyalty is worth more to me than some magic object.

You will lose 1 Fogornleg Horn
You will lose 1 Result of the Revelation
Quest finished


  • Level based XP
  • Alignment level 69
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