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Quest Summary
Starting Talk to Bea Fortax at [-72,-40]
Other prerequisites Level 200 Carver
Recommended level 100
Total rewards Level-based XP (Maximum: 390,000), 11,980 Kamas
Items required
(not provided by quest)
1 Woolly Bow Meow Hair, 1 Crabeye Pincer, 1 Gullipop Feather, 1 Stunted Rat Fabric, 1 Still Water
Sequel None
Repeatable Yes, daily

A Game of Slibou is a repeatable quest.


Talk to Bea Fortax at [-72,-40] in Frigost Village.


Hello! You should sit down for a minute and get your breath back. Overactivity is bad for your health.
I can't talk with you for long because it'll be time to take a nap soon, before praying to Sadida.

Ask whether your skills as a staff carver might be useful in some way.

Do you know the game of Slibou? No? Well, I'm not going to go into details, but its a game that you play with pieces of wood: 50 pieces that are 2 kaminches long, 50 pieces 3 kaminches long, 50 pieces 4 kaminches long, and so on, until you get to 50 pieces that are as long as the room. As you may have surmised, what with my digestive nap, my mid-afternoon snooze, my second digestive nap, my post-snack snooze, my evening shut-eye, my third digestive nap and my night's sleep proper, I don't really have time to collect all that wood and cut the pieces to size. Would you mind trekking out into the snowy expanses around the village to bring some wood back for me, please?

Note: this quest will also start the quest Life Craft (once per day).

Step 1: A Game of Slibou[]

Bea Fortax needs you to collect some resources. You have a sneaking suspicion that it won't stop at that, either.
Click on the interactive broken crate at [-86,-45]. You will receive 1 Staff Carver Bag.
Click on the interactive crates hidden by planks at [-64,-50]. You will receive 1 Staff Carver Bag.
Click on the interactive sleigh at [-61,-57]. You will receive 1 Staff Carver Bag.
Talk to Bea Fortax at [-72,-40]. You will lose 3 Staff Carver Bags. You will receive 1 Frigostian Staff Carver Bag.
Craft 1 Wooden Slibou Piece at the special workshop at the same map as Bea Fortax from:
Note: Frigostian Staff Carver Bag is not linked to account. If you lose the bag you can buy another one from Bea Fortax for 1,000 kamas.
Talk to Bea Fortax at [-72,-40]. You will lose 1 Wooden Slibou Piece.
Note: you will also receive 1 Frigostian Employer's Reference but only if you have not finished the achievement Frigostian Temping yet.
Finishing this quest will also finish the quest Life Craft.


  • Level-based XP (Maximum: 390,000)
  • 11,980 Kamas

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