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Quest Summary
Starting Use Scarlet Jewel
Other prerequisites Giant Galleries
Recommended level 150
Total rewards Level-Based XP (Max: 2,110,000), 25,480 Kamas, 30 Orichor, 5 Digshot Skin
Items required
(not provided by quest)
Sequel Confounded Generosity
Repeatable No

A Heart of Gold is a quest.


Use Scarlet Jewel in your Quest items Inventory.

Step 1: A Heart of Gold[]

You're taken by a sudden, irresistable urge to go help someone pro bono.
Talk to Moley Kool at [1,-4] (in Enurado).

Greetings! Would you happen to have a few kamas for an old Enutough of the Alliance for the Cultivation of Tubers? Times are hard, especially with all of the Drhevils digging around all over the place looking for food. Those old Drhellers are constantly chowing down on our crops , reducing our monster profits to entirely reasonable figures.

Offer to lend a hand.

Now you mention it, your help would save me more than a few kamas. My fellow members have taken on a particularly resilient Drhevil. Unfortunately, they were all knocked unconscious before they could bring it down, but they did injure it enough that someone of your size and stamina should be able to finish it off. It's nigh-on crazy with pain and it's lashing out at everyone who goes near, even its brothers. But I'm too scared to deal with it. You should do it! Argh, look over there, it's just popped out of a hole! There's no time to lose; you'll have to fight it alone!

Take on the injured Drhevil.

This fight must be done alone. You must defeat Injured Drhevil.
Ask if things are going better now.

Yes, thanks to you! Finally, our profits will pick up again! If it's nothing to you, I'm going to make the most of your generosity again. Go and see Barney Idle and tell him that if he doesn't keep his word, I'll tell on him to Enutrof's Herald!


I'm sick to death of being around Drhellers all the time. If I'd known it was going to take two hours a day, I'd never have gotten into this.

Say that Moley Kool sent you.

Oh, so now he's hiring strangers to harass me. Why oh why did I promise in front of witnesses to make sure plenty of manure was spread across the soil to feed the tubers? It's degrading! Not even you would stoop this low!

Surprise him by offering to do it for him.

You... Did... Did someone drop you on your head? I'd be crazy not to say yes. Go all around the quarry and when you spot some manure, make it into little balls so the soil can absorb its goodness more easily. Three times around should be plenty.

Located at [0,-4], [0,-5] and [1,-3] (in Enurado). You will receive 1 Disgusting Bucket, 1 Disgusting Stain and 1 Disgusting Substance.
You will receive 1 Hot Meal.
Ask if there's anything else to do.

Finished already? Ahhh, you fit young thing... I'm so glad I'm old. My legs are tired out; they protest as soon as I start walking them into the Auriferous Quarry. I promised Enutrof's Herald a hot meal, but I'd much rather you did it for me. He's standing at the entrance to the royal bank.


Great timing, I was just starting to feel peckish! Ohh... Oh, Enutrof, the delicate aroma... I can almost taste it... Do excuse me; I prefer to eat alone. Go and take some dance classes with Tanguy while you wait. You should find him somewhere nearby in the Crucible of Fortunes.


If you came to Enurado with the aim of learning to dance better than the best-dressed Amaknian Enutrofs, you're come to the right guy.

Say you think dancing's hysterical.

I think you're hysterical! I need a partner, and you look like a fine dancer to me. I've been working on an improvised dance for two. We'll have to do it without music, though, because my Aurchestra is being repaired right now.

Wait for his instructions.

Your arm, please.

Stand close to him and take his arm.

Now, to really enjoy this dance, you need to let yourself go. Let yourself be guided, and don't try to guess what's coming, just follow the movement. Let's go!

Follow his instructions.

That's it, that's it! We're heading this way, then HA! We swiftly change direction. Now learn into me... What's with that bum sticking out behind you? I don't have nether-lice! Then stand up straight again or you'll get a smack on the bum.

Stand up straight.

Good, good, you're a fast learner! Now throw yourself backwards... Snap back up and step with me, cheek to cheek. Firmly slip your leg around mine... Good! You deserve a reward... Ever smooched an Enutough?

Keep following his instructions.

Ahh, thank you. I haven't had such a talented partner for years. I appear to have transferred my chewing-stodge from my mouth to yours, but no matter... Consider it a gift. If you have nothing else to do now, I'm sure Tate Wadd will have a job for you.


So many kamas, so little room to pile them up, and so many Enutoughs who want to get their hands on them too... Enurado is the place of dreams and a daily rat race all at once. Why did Enutrof decide to reward so many disciples?

Try to raise his spirits somehow.

You know what you really help me sleep at night? To know exactly how many kamas there are here, and be sure that they're all authentic. Could you do that for me?

  • Check the authenticity of the kamas
Click the pouch of kamas.
Announce the precise number of kamas and confirm that they're all genuine.

That's more than there were at the last count. My fixed interest rate on personal savings incantation worked a charm. You'll understand if I don't give you anything for that little chore, won't you?

Leave with a happy heart.


Hello. I don't have much time to stand and chat. I'm in charge of taking care of a group of minors, and on top of that I have to oversee the ongoing building works.

Pick up the scarlet jewel that just slipped out of your pocket.

By Enutrof...! Keep that cursed jewel away from me! I'll be happy if I never see it again, but it seems that destiny has decided that cannot be... what are you doing with it?

Explain about Williamwaudi and his reward.

What an imp... He really got you. You should know by now that all that glitters is not gold. You're too naive. Since I'm grateful for the help that you just gave me, I'm going to call Williamwaudi to help you put this right.


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