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Quest Summary
Starting Talk to Rimanda at [38,-21]
Level required 190
Other prerequisites The Costs of Fate
The Ghosts and the Darkness
Recommended level 190-200
Total rewards Level-Based XP (Max: 6,064,732), Level-Based Kamas (Max: 95,712), 1 Obscurati Symbol, 1 Shadow Horn
Items required
(not provided by quest)
Sequel A Draconian Remedy
Repeatable No

A Painted Shadow is a quest.


Talk to Rimanda at [38,-21] in Kramdam Heights.


The Balance affects everything, whether for better or worse... But very few people ever notice it.

Thank them for helping you memorise the formula.

You are now ready to confront Shadow and capture his soul. You won't able to do this alone, someone is going to help you. But before that, somebody you've met in the past would like to talk to you. It's Joris. He's here, on Rok Island. He's waiting for you.

Go and see Joris.

Step 1: A Painted Shadow[]

You're finally ready to confront Shadow. With a bit of help, everything should go well.
Go to [38,-20]

You have embarked on the lengthy quest of seeking the Primordial Dofus... but will you have the courage to see it through? Here is a question only you can answer.

Say that you're getting ready to capture the Shadow Soul.

Rimanda told me about a plan drawn up by the Council to protect the pyramid. For my part, I've made sure that Shadow can no longer use the relic he used to create the Obscurati. Without the eye's power, his spirit will be weakened.

Truly appreciate their help.
  • Speak to Nabrisa on Rok Island
Go to [39,-21]

The further I get in my apprenticeship, the more the power of the Krosmic Balance appears evident. Without it, I'm sure the Krosmoz would disappear, devoured by Oblivion.

Say that you are delighted to see her again.

There you are,(Your Name)! I'm also happy our paths are crossing again. Rimanda the elder told me you would need my help... This has something to do with Shadow, doesn't it?


I'm not afraid to go up against that creature again. The first time, I fell victim to his scheming, but this time, I'm the one who's going to flush him out of his lair! I'm happy to be able to add my stone to Prosperus's legacy. Next stop, the Lost Dimension! I'm right behind you. Once in the pyramid, I'll wait for you in the last room.

Escort Nabrisa to Shadow's Pyramid.
  • You have received 1 '[Nabrisa]'.
  • Escort Nabrisa to Shadow's Pyramid
Go to [5,13] and climb down the ladder to get into Shadow's Pyramid.
  • You have lost 1 '[Nabrisa]'.
  • Defeat 1 Shadow in a single fight
  • Talk to Nabrisa

The further I get in my apprenticeship, the more the power of the Krosmic Balance appears evident. Without it, I'm sure the Krosmoz would disappear, devoured by Oblivion.

Announce that Shadow must have been weakened by its defeat.

I can feel his anger... His spirit is black and tormented. The painful link he's created with me is strained, but ever present. I'm going to force his soul to leave his body momentarily. Are you ready?

Say that you're as ready as you'll ever be.

  • Capture the Shadow Soul with Nabrisa's help
  • A fight will start against Shadow Soul
Drag select right then down from → to see spoiler.
Use the spell Elemental Capture (you can get it from Rimanda) to make him vulnerable. The spell has a range of 6 squares. It becomes vulnerable for 3 rounds.
  • Talk to Kaliste

The world is nothing but darkness... Light is only a fleeting illusion, destined to extinguished.

Ask her who she is, and she's doing here.

I am Kaliste. I hunt in the shadows, but my arrows never miss their target. I came here for you... or rather, for your Dofus.

Say that you are flattered by so much attention.

I watched you fight against Shadow. Don't think you'll defeat me as you did that miserable creature. I'm much stronger than he was. I'm offering you a chance to save your skin. All you have to do is give me those dragon eggs.

Reply that as generous as their offer may be, you must decline.

Think carefully. These words will seal your fate. You don't really need the Dofus. You're just carrying them around because it boosts your adventurer's ego. You're not the legitimate guardian and you will never be.

Reply that Aguabrial does not share his opinion.

Well, well... You're even more stubborn than a gobball. I won't waste any more time with you.

Draw your weapon.

*notches an arrow with a tip that, disconcertingly, is giving off a red and black light*


Everything goes dark around you!

  • Listen to the voice to dispel the darkness
  • Talk to Familiar Voice

(Your Name)! (Your Name), can you hear me?

Recognise Meriana's voice.

Don't let fear overcome you... Focus on my voice. Come towards me.

Get closer.
Stay where you are.
Drag select right then down from → to see spoiler.
Stay infront of the Familiar Voice and talk to it.

You're almost there... May the mist be lifted!

Catch a glimpse of light.
  • Talk to Meriana

I came as quickly as I could when i found out that Kaliste was after you..

Anxiously ask what happened.

You've been hit by a cursed arrow that made you blind. I've managed to ward of the spell... at least temporarily. *speaks to Kaliste* As for you... Did you really think I was going to let you get away with that? This adventurer is my protégé. If you want to get to them, you'll have to go through me. You're not stupid enough to risk that, are you?

Turn to Kaliste.

  • Talk to Kaliste

The world is nothing but darkness... Light is only a fleeting illusion, destined to extinguished.

Advise them to flee if they do not wish to suffer the wrath of Meriana.

That older sorcerer won't always be there to protect you, adventurer... You have now been struck by the curse of blindness and I am the only one who can free you from it. Once you're fed up as being blind as a bat and fighting in the dark, you'll see sense. You'll give me the dragon eggs.

Ask what she would like to do with the Dofus.

Do you take me for some stupid megalomaniac who unveils their plans the first chance they get? It doesn't concern you. We'll meet again when the time is right. *speaks to the two ladies* Come on, you too. We have nothing more to do here. *drinks a potion*

Turn towards Meriana.

  • Talk to Meriana

I came as quickly as I could when i found out that Kaliste was after you..

Interrogate Meriana about Kaliste.

I was afraid she'd take an interest in you sooner or later... I didn't take enough precautions. I won't be making that mistake again. Kaliste has been looking for the Dofus for years. She's not going to give up.

Worry about your vision problem.

You're right to be worried. It's not just any old blindness potion or short-term magic, but a divine punishment. Because Kaliste has been cursed by the goddess Cra herself. She has been turned blind. It's hard to believe, because she's still as dexterous as ever... But it's the truth. Didn't you notice her vacant gaze?

Keep listening.

I don't know why Kaliste was punished. Now it looks like she can inflict the same affliction she suffers on others... And you've paid the price. My magic has cured you for the time being, but it won't last.

Start panicking at the idea of losing your sight.

You've managed to capture Shadow's Soul. It will take more than that to scare you! I'm sure Otomai will find a solution... At least, I hope so.

Say that you hope so, too.

I wouldn't like you to get lost along the way, so I'll transport you directly to the top of Keeholo Tree. Give me Shadow's Soul. I'll give it to Rimanda for her to seal it inside one of the pyramid's stones. *Signals to Nabrisa* Young lady, you're coming with me.

Give the Shadow Soul.

As soon as possible, I'll go back to the swamps to prepare a ritual that should hold Kaliste and her minions off for a while... That should give you enough time to act. Are you ready to go to Otomai Island?

Reply that you are ready.
  • You have lost 1 'Shadow Soul.
  • You have lost 1 'Spell Scroll: Elemental Capture'.
  • Talk to Otomai

It's said that I'm the undisputed specialist in everything that governs the living and brings it to life. You honour me too much... I'm an alchemist who especially likes to create potions with many varied effects.
What do you want to know?

Tell them about the latest events.

You did it! Thanks to you, we'll be able to protect Prosperus's pyramid. We owe you a lot, (Your Name).
Let me help you in return... You say you've fallen victim to a curse that has made you blind, and that this enchantment has something to do with the goddess Cra?


I'm no priest, and I'm far from expert in divine enchantments, Nevertheless, magic and alchemy are inextricably linked... There are some truly miraculous remedies that are believed to cure any kind of affliction, regardless of the cause. Alas, I don't know the specific recipes...

Feel discouragement overwhelm you.

Wait a minute. I know who may be able to help. Rosal, the master of flowers! He's not just the Protector of the month of Maysial, he's also a renowned expert in terms of antidotes and other panaceas.

Feel overwhelmed by a feeling of hope.

Meeting Rosal is no easy task. However, his friend Silouate is much easier to run into. He can then put you in touch.

Ask where Silouate is.

Last I heard, he was wandering around the Cania Plains. I know that's a large area to cover, but with a bit of patience, you should run into him sooner or later... Maybe a clairvoyant would have a better idea of where he could be?

Leave immediately for Cania.


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