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Quest Summary
Starting Talk to Cadi Bury at [0,-7]
Other prerequisites None
Recommended level 60-200
Total rewards Level-Based XP (Max: 1,375,000), 21,990 Kamas, 3 Chocolate Coupon OR 3 Hazelnut Coupon OR 3 Praline Coupon (Level-Based)
Items required
(not provided by quest)
Sequel None
Repeatable Yes, Daily

A Picture Collector's Problems is a repeatable quest.


Talk to Cadi Bury at [0,-7] inside the Chocolate Museum in the Creamy Gardens. (Fleaster Island must be accessible.)


I personally curated everything in this museum. I love collecting things, especially when they’re chocolate-related. For me, the objects are meaningful and tell a story. Everything you'll see here will teach you a little more about Fleaster Island and chocolate. I hope you enjoy your visit!

Mention the pictures disappearing from her collection.

It's always the same! Every night, I put my picture album away carefully, checking to make sure nothing's missing. And in the morning - poof! Some are gone! I don't know who keeps playing that trick on me, but I don't find it funny.
Can you imagine my despair when I find my collection's not complete? It's made up of hundreds of pictures I've collected from various places, especially chocolate bars. My life's work! Today, 10 are missing. Like usual, they can't be far but I can't leave the museum unattended to go and search for them.
Find my 10 images and I'll give you a coupon you can use in the Chocoshop. It has tons of collectables!

Go and search for the pictures.

Step 1: A Picture Collector's Problems[]

The pictures in Cadi Bury's favourite collection have gone missing. There's only one way to get them back: use force.

The Pictures are dropped by monsters on Fleaster Island, but only by the monster family associated with your character level. For example, level 200 characters will only receive them as a drop from Chocomancer monsters in the Chocomancers' Laboratories.


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