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Quest Summary
Starting Talk to Steward San Lavalss at [4,-6]
Level required 60
Other prerequisites Woyal Suite
Recommended level 70
Total rewards Level-based XP, 7,536 Kamas
Items required
(not provided by quest)
4 Cawwot, 4 Wabbit Fabric
Sequel Who Framed the Wabbit?
Repeatable No

A Pwincely Wedding is a quest.


Talk to Steward San Lavalss [4,-6]

Hello! I'm happy to see you again my friend! Can you help me one more time?

Of course, what should I do?

We're facing a disaster. Obviously, the parents of the groom are Wabbits. And obviously, their guests are cawwot eaters. But we do not have cawwots here. Can you get me some?

I'm on my way!

Step 1: Do Me a Favour![]

Steward San Lavalss asked you to help to prepare the wedding.

Now, we would need to go get the wedding dress in Bonta. Can you do it?


Heya, I'm the great Paro Cabanne, generous creator, astounding designer and clothes-prophet of genius. What can I do for you, my dear fellow?

A Pwincely Wedding.

The wedding dress? Yes, it's ready, but the veil isn't. The steward asked for an opaque one so that the bride can't see her future husband. But I haven't got the fabric I need. I'm sure that with 4 Wabbit Fabrics, this dress will be my masterpiece!

Here they come.

Wait, give me a minute and my masterpiece will be complete!

You will receive 1 Wedding Dress.

Good! You've got the dress! The wedding should start!


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