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Quest Summary
Starting Talk to Herr Peece at [-80,-45]
Other prerequisites Blood Above, Blood Below
Recommended level 190
Total rewards Level-Based XP (Maximum: 2,526,972), 10 Ice Kamas, 1 Kolosso Fabric, Let's go a-beating in the woods (book)
Items required
(not provided by quest)
5 Treecherous Bark, 5 Dramanita Gill, 5 Fistulina Volva, 5 Fungore Gill, 5 Serpula Flake, 1 Korriander Foot
Sequel None
Repeatable No

A Remedy for All Ills is a quest.


Talk to Herr Peece at [-80,-45] in Frigost Village.

Step 1: Magic plants[]

Herr Peece, tired of beig unable to save lives, needs resources for some new experiments.

Step 2: Part-time postman[]

Herr Peece has asked you to deliver some letters to the alchemists of Frigost.
  • Take 1 A letter for Asselo to Asselo [-76,-71] (For this, the Snowfoux invasion has to be stopped.)

Step 3: Blood drive[]

Herr Peece needs samples from the Brockhards.

Step 4: As long as it lasts[]

Herr Peece has written you a cheque so you can take a little time out. Let's hope that nothing untoward happens in the meantime.
  • Take 1 Crate of Frozen Icefish to Herr Peece [-80,-45]

Step 5: Herr Peece's monster[]

Herr Peece has designed a creature to destroy Count Harebourg, but it has escaped. You must neutralise it before it is too late.
Talk to Mel at [-64,-55].
Talk to Phantomahawk at [-60,-84].
Talk to Larry Tutthe at [-65,-86].
  • Talk to Sylpester [-77,-72] (For this, the Snowfoux invasion has to be stopped.)
Go to [-64,-67].
  • Defeat 1 The Monster
Attack the monster by talking to it. The creature has 18000 HP, 9 AP and 5 MP, as well as 400% resistance to water and air damage, 0% to earth and fire damage and 50% to neutral. It casts a spell called State of Shock at a very long range, which deals about 300 to 500 earth damage in an AoE, applies a Gravity state and takes 4 range (3 turn), 2 MP and 4 AP. In melee, it uses a spell that deals about 300 air damage and applies Weakened state and 30% erosion. The Monster has infinite Rooted and Heavy state as well as infinite Spell Rebound (similar to the old Feca's Spell Rebound, which randomly reflected 20% of all spells) and an armour which reduces 100 damage only on close combat attacks. On top of that, it heals 2500 HP every turn.


Related Achievements[]


In order to complete this quest, the Snowfoux invasion at Snowbound Village has to be stopped (for steps 2 and 5), otherwise NPCs won't talk to you.