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Quest Summary
Starting Talk to Paindep at [-12,8]
Other prerequisites Beer Ritual
Recommended level 100
Total rewards Level-Based XP, 23,980 Kamas, 10 Al Howin's Treat, 10 Trikortritt Surprise
Items required
(not provided by quest)
Sequel None
Repeatable No

A Sweet Not Like the Others is a quest.

A Sweet Not Like the Others is the fourth and the last of the series of quests needed to gain the Not Even Scared achievement.


Talk to Paindep at [-12,8] inside the house in Wild Dragoturkey Territory at the end of the quest Beer Ritual.


I... really... love... kids.

Deliver Bworknroll's message.

Bluish jelly be damned, I was certain he'd forgotten that story. I hate it when people force my hand, but I don't have a choice. Without the spell, it'll be famine! What do you need?

Explain the situation.
(Ends the previous quest and starts this quest. The dialogue will still continue.)

Step 1: A Sweet Not Like the Others[]

Paindep knows how to make nightmarish sweets! You just need to gather the ingredients. The end of the curse is near!
  • Get the list of ingredients from Paindep

Keep talking to Paindep until the quest is updated.


Nightmarish sweets are quite unique, and few people even know that they exist. A dispute between the gods started it. Every year, Asid, the Meridia of Fear, stole all the sweets collected by his companions Farod, Vinstyl, Kia and Krunsh during Pumpkwin season. One day, in exasperation, they decided to get revenge. Their idea was simple: they wanted to prepare a sweet that could terrorise Asid himself. I dare say it was ambitious!

Keep listening.

It took them almost a year to perfect a recipe made from ingredients symbolising the fear they represented. Once it was Pumpkwin season again, they made Sehb, the Meridia of Sweetness, taste their sweet to make sure it was powerful enough. He got the heebie-jeebies so badly that he now avoids all contact with sweets when it's Pumpkwin season. Anyway! That's how those sweets came to be called nightmarish sweets.

Ask about Asid's reaction.

Naturally, Asid loved it! In fact, I even think that he's the only one able to enjoy them. The fear contained within this sweet would terrorise anyone who ate it!

Express surprise that she knows so much about the sweet.

Who do you take me for? It took an artist to create such a sweet, and the Meridia knew that I was the one they needed! I was the one who made the nightmarish sweet; all they did was bring me the ingredients.

Ask for the list of ingredients.

Ah, because you think that they're typical ingredients? Listen closely: you have to wring out a terrified child's soiled undies and add a bone kept cold in a box after having crushed it. You then add fresh blood from a terrifying creature to the lot. Finally, you steep a queen's foot in the mixture and leave it standing until it crystallises.

Ask how to get the ingredients.
(Updates the current quest step. The dialogue will still continue.)

For the undies, I can introduce you to some kids I've collected. For the bone, I advise you find a tomb in a crypt; they're better preserved there. While you're there, you might come across some vampires. The blood from one of those creatures should do the job, so take advantage of that. As for the queen's foot, I think that the queen who lives with the Treechnids won't notice if she's missing one.

Ask to meet the children.
(Teleports you to the secret map inside Paindep's house necessary for the next quest step.)
Set off to find the missing ingredients.
Note: the next 4 quest steps are accessible at the same time. You must gather all the required ingredients and talk to Paindep afterwards in order to update the quest.

Talk to Paindep and ask to meet the children.


I... really... love... kids.

Ask how to get the ingredients.

For the undies, I can introduce you to some kids I've collected. For the bone, I advise you find a tomb in a crypt; they're better preserved there. While you're there, you might come across some vampires. The blood from one of those creatures should do the job, so take advantage of that. As for the queen's foot, I think that the queen who lives with the Treechnids won't notice if she's missing one.

Ask to meet the children.

You will be teleported to the secret map at [-18,8] accessible only during this quest.

Talk to the little girl (Shees Kittish) and she will tell you she isn't scared.


If you're here to eat lollies, you're too late. I've already eaten them all.

Express surprise that she's not skittish.

When I eat sweets, nothing scares me.

Ask if she's soiled her undies.

I heard strange noises in my room this morning, so I got dressed in a hurry and forgot to put them on.

Ask how you can terrify Nevars so that he soils his undies.

He pretends he's not afraid of anything, but in fact, out of the three of us, he's the most afraid. It's just that he hides it especially well. I'm sure he's already soiled his undies, but he'll never admit it.

Thank her and leave.

Talk to the boy on the right (Imtoos Kittish) and he will tell you he didn't soil his undies.


*flinches and cries out* Don't eat meeeeee!!!

Reassure him and ask if he's soiled his undies.

*trembles with fear* No... but then I've gotten quite used to being afraid of everyone and everything. My undies stay clean no matter what happens.


Finally talk to the last kid in the room at the top (Nevars Kittish) and he will let you take his soiled undies.


I'm Nevars Kittish, the bravest of all, and I'm never afraid of anything!

Bluff and say that's not the impression he gives.

Whaddaya mean? I am! I am brave and I'm not scared of anything. Paindep can come back whenever she wants, and I won't tremble!

Say that you can smell the strong stench of terror on him.

What?! No way!

Offer to take his soiled undies so that no one notices anything.

You would do that? I mean, I don't need you to, but if it's the only way to get rid of you, go ahead and take 'em!

Plug your nose, take the soiled undies, and leave.

You will receive 1 Soiled Undies.
Click on the bag filled up with sweets on the same map to be teleported back to Paindep's house.

Paindep secret map - exit

This is a 100% quest drop from Rac Queen.

Click on the grave inside the crypt with the open door at [9,15] in the Cemetery in Amakna.

Stolen Bone for Paindep

You will receive 1 Stolen Bone.

This is a 100% quest drop from a Vampire.

Once you have gathered all of the 4 required ingredients talk to Paindep again.


I... really... love... kids.

Say that you have all the ingredients for a nightmarish sweet.

I wasn't expecting you so soon! Let me prepare the sweet for you; I'll be back as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can admire the magnificent decor of my house, but be careful: if I catch you eating any kids, even just a little nibble, I'll devour you!

Hand over the ingredients and wait patiently.

It's ready! I hope that whoever eats it is ready for the fright of the century! Don't forget to tell Bworknroll that I've helped you and that, as a result, my debt to him is paid!

Agree and head towards the Bwork Village.
You will lose 1 Soiled Undies, 1 Rac Queen Leg, 1 Stolen Bone, 1 Viscous Vampire Blood.
You will receive 1 Nightmarish Sweet.

Alone, I'm desperately alone among bullies and bully hunters.

Say that Paindep has made the sweet and that her debt is paid.

I've lost quite a sum with this affair, but as long as my reputation remains intact, I'll be satisfied. Well now, I've done my research on that infamous Diabworktik, and no one's heard of him. It's very strange. I wonder if by any chance...

Ask what he's wondering.

Let's see, we have a Bwork working very powerful magic, who shows up in Pumpkwin season. This Bwork is a huge fan of sweets, and especially loves a sweet that, according to Paindep, only Asid could like... Do you see where I'm going with this yet? Bring him his nightmarish sweet to get rid of his curse as fast as possible!

Say thank you and leave.

Back again, finally! Did you find nightmarish sweets?

Wave the nightmarish sweet under Diabworktik's nose.

Give me that or I'll have you eating Evil Dandelions by the roots!

Offer the sweet and ask who he really is.

*stuffs his face* Who am I really? Funny you should ask. Usually, adventurers don't notice a thing because they're too scared. So, who do you think I am?

Say that he's Asid, the Meridia of Fear.
(The quest will update here. The dialogue will still continue: see the next quest step.)
Say that he's Sehb, the Meridia of Sweetness, and ask him to lift the curse.
Ha ha ha! What an idea! That coward would never come out this time of year! What a shame, but I'm not surprised. No one has ever uncovered my true identity. Still... You held up your part of the bargain by bringing me a nightmarish sweet, so the curse is lifted! Should you, too, want to go unnoticed and play pranks one day, come and see me; I have plenty of disguises in stock that I'd be willing to part with for a little purse of kamas.
Say thank you and leave.
(The quest will end here without the last quest step.)
  • Choose a disguise

Only if you have chosen the "Asid" dialogue option before. It will allow you to receive one of 4 transformation potions for free.


Impressive! No one has ever guessed my true identity before. You do deserve that I lift the curse. But mum's the word, this stays between the two of us! I love playing this trick during Pumpkwin season. I've got tons of disguises on hand to scare passers-by. Since you managed to find me a nightmarish sweet and guessed my real identity to boot, I'll give you one. Which one would you prefer?

Choose the Devhorror costume.
(You will receive 1 Devhorror Disguise.)
Choose the Arachkin costume.
(You will receive 1 Arachkin Disguise.)
Choose the Toadkin costume.
(You will receive 1 Toadkin Costume.)
Choose the Worm-O'-Lantern costume.
(You will receive 1 Worm-O'-Lantern Disguise.)
(The quest will end here.)

Very good choice! All you need to do is down it in one gulp to terrorise anyone who crosses your path! I'll be here until the end of Pumpkwin season, so if you ever want a new disguise, come back and see me.

Say thank you and leave.


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