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Quest Summary
Starting Talk to Tony Bleurgh at [-47,44]
Level required 1
Other prerequisites A Torturous Enquiry - Investigation
Recommended level 1-200
Total rewards Level-based XP (Max: 812,500)
Items required
(not provided by quest)
Sequel A Torturous Enquiry - Confrontation
Repeatable No

A Torturous Enquiry - Identification is a quest.


Talk to Tony Bleurgh at [-47,44].

If talking right after finishing the previous quest:

Perfect! My congratulations for a job well done. Now we can use the distillery for the CID analysis. The machine's in my barnacabin. Go in, the door's open. I'll be right there.

Say thank you for the compliments and head for the barnacabin.
If starting a fresh dialogue:

Excellent work, well done. We're going to be able to analyse this evidence in the CID. The machine's in my barnacabin. Go in. I won't be far behind you.

Say thank you for the compliments and head for the barnacabin.

Step 1: And the culprit is...[]

The moment of truth has arrived. To unmask the trouble-maker running riot all over Vulkania, you have to complete a CID analysis by placing the samples you took from the various suspects into the distillery. When you have the name of the perpetrator, all you'll have to do is go and worm the confession out of them and give them a good telling off.
  • Find the map: Tony Bleurgh's Barnacabin
Enter the house behind Tony.
  • Complete the CID analysis using the distillery
Click on the distillery in the house.
You will lose all the quest samples from your last quest.
You will receive 1 CID Conclusion - (suspect name).
The last screen of the dialog will tell you which NPC to visit for the next step. The name is randomly chosen from the 5 suspects.


  • Level-based XP (Maximum: 812,500)

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