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Quest Summary
Starting Talk to Meriana at [-6,-3]
Level required 180
Other prerequisites Once Upon a Time in the West
Recommended level 180
Total rewards Level-Based XP, 86,352 Kamas, 10 Still Water
Items required
(not provided by quest)
Sequel None
Repeatable No
Leads to Dofus Turquoise Dofus quest 10 of 10
Turquoise Dofus

A Wrathful Soul is a quest.


Talk to Meriana at [-6,-3] in Koalak Mountain.


You did it, (Character name here), simply amazing! We finally have all four totems! All their forces combined should force Furye to manifest herself. Aguabrial's Burning Tear should allow you to destroy the wrath eating away at my daughter's soul... but she will try to resist.

Keep listening.

Even torn from her mortal body, Furye still is a formidably powerful sorceress. The Astral Veil should protect you from some of her attacks. My daughter will call on many creatures to destroy you... you will need allies to counter them... Water spirits who will obey the wearer of Aguabrial's Tear.

Continue to listen.

You'll need mystic globes to capture these water spirits. Five should be enough. These globes can be found inside the magical creatures that haunt the ancient Mystified Forest... You know what you have to do.

Leave for Frigost.

Step 1: Wrathful Soul[]

Your quest is almost over: you must now prepare to confront Furye. Alone, you have no chance: you'll have to recruit some aquatic spirits to fight for you. If you're victorious, the Turquoise Dofus will be yours.
Mystic Globes are dropped by monsters from the Petrified Forest.
To obtain a spirit, you need to talk to it. Sometimes it will just get into a globe and sometimes you'll need to fight it (after which it'll get into a globe for every fighter).
You will lose 1 Mystic Globe.
You will receive 1 Wruckus's Globe.
You will lose 1 'Mystic Globe.
You will receive 1 'Norie's Globe.
You will lose 1 Mystic Globe.
You will receive 1 Kelp's Globe.
You will lose 1 Mystic Globe.
You will receive 1 Verdekelp's Globe.
You will lose 1 Mystic Globe.
You will receive 1 Cyanoph's Globe.

You will receive 1 Conch of Regret.

  • Place the totems then blow the conch
Speak to Girle Pylote at Imp Village to reach Stone of the Sacrificed which is where you need to place the totems. Then double click the Conch in your inventory.

  • Defeat 1 Furye in a single fight
The goal is to stay alive long enough to cast the spell that kills Furye, you can do that with a variety of totems and spells to kill her summons.

Few tips:

  • Always summon as close as possible to your side.
  • 1 chance summon is enough per line since removing MP from enemies more than once per turn won't have any effect.
  • Always block skeleton with the green block mob. It's also advisable to boost it so it survives enough turns. Skeleton dies after few turns once he loses all HPs.
  • Try to aim for 1x chance, 1x strength summon in each line. Also as many AP ones as possible.
  • Try to use all your AP every turn so you don't waste anything. While the fight might be eeasy at first it will become difficult in a second or two.
  • Try to kill 80 HP mobs as fast as possible as they kill 1 of your summons per turn.
  • Placing a bomb mob near enemies and boosting it is super useful.

Best start of the fight:

  1. Summon strength mob at your side in the same line as first enemy's summon.
  2. Summon AP giving mob anywhere as close to your side as possible.
  3. Summon chance mob in front of next enemy's summon.
  4. Continue in whatever way depending on what gets summoned and where. It's a random fight so you might need some luck.

  • Talk to Furye's Soul

Speak to Girle Pylote at Imp Village to reach Mysterious Island which is where Aguabrial can be found.


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