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Quest Summary
Starting Talk to Ecalice at [-10,-11]
Other prerequisites You Can Go Brush Yourself
Recommended level 200
Total rewards Level-Based XP (Max: 2,500,000), 43,980 Kamas, 50 Orichor, 5 Knight's Feather
Items required
(not provided by quest)
Sequel A Gamockery of Justice
Repeatable No

Absurd Dimensions is a quest.


Talk to Ecalice at [-10,-11] in Kerub Temple.

Step 1: Absurd Dimensions[]

You've accepted to help the young Ecalice solve her size problem... Evil tongues would say it's because you have the same problem, but we both know you'd acting out of pure selflessness.
Go to [-12,-20] (in Ecaflipus) and click the cake that really looks like a pie.
Go to [-9,-19] (in Ecaflipus).
The correct answers are: "10 sugars", "Refuse politely" and "Take a sip". You may then answer "Choose the story" or "Choose the riddles". If you answer "Choose the story" then the next correct answers are "Shut up" and "Shake the dormouse to wake him up". If you answer "Choose the riddles" then the next correct answer is "Reply that you don't know". Note that there are no consequences for choosing any wrong answers, should you wish to read all of their dialogue.
  • Defeat 1 Mad Hatter in a single fight
This fight can be done with a team. You must defeat the Mad Hatter, Mawtalo's Hawe and Sleepwalking Dormouse. This fight is not very difficult if you play cautiously. The Hawe will heal himself and the others, and also seems to have the most range.
  • Talk to Great Game Guard


Related Achievements[]


The characters and the events that take place in Absurd Dimensions, A Gamockery of Justice and Through the Catseye are likely based on Alice in Wonderland.