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Achievement Points refer to the total score a player accumulates upon completing Achievements. Certain achievements require the player to reach a certain milestone (such as 1,000 achievement points) in order to meet their requirements. The total achievement points your character or account has can be found at the top of the Achievements menu (default UK keyboard shortcut is "u" to open menu). Achievement points can also be seen in the Characteristics menu, Friends menu, Guild menu and on the official Dofus website.

As of Dofus Version 2.55 there are a total of 1,708 achievements in the game, yielding a total of 19,852 Achievement Points.

Achievement points are not a type of currency; they cannot be spent in the game. They are, for the most part, only a measure of your progression in Dofus. There are however a few Quest steps that require your character to have a minimum total number of achievement points.

An example of total achievement points attained.