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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Acidrik Gutsplitter at [5,-17]
Other prerequisitesRemarkyble Advice
Recommended level12
Total rewardsLevel-Based XP, Level-Based Kamas
Items required
(not provided by quest)
1 Astrub Beer, 1 Dragon Era - Found Fragments III, 1 Purple Piwi Feather
SequelAll's well that ends, well, with a beer

Acidrik Gutsplitter's Book is a quest.


Talk to Acidrik Gutsplitter in Astrub Inn [5,-17].


Between the old beerskin and the other crook trying to fleece unsuspecting people, it's not easy to hear the whisper of the future. What do you want? Let me guess... You want to know your future!

Say you're interested.
Convincingly deny it.

Good! Without wishing to boast, I'm a rather talented soothsayer! Shall I read your future in the entrails of a Gobball? In the viscera of a Bwak? Hmmm, no, a foaming glass of beer would suit you better. Ask Tek Abir for one, and put it on your account, ahahaha!

(Close this dialogue)

Step 1: Bring a beer to AcidrikEdit

He can read your future in the head of a good beer.
Buy the beer from Tek Abir.

Gulp! Astrub beer is my favourite! Such light bitterness, the sweet foam... mmm... Re-slurp! So, I see thay you were born under a lucky star. Look carefully, it's up there, in the depths of the heavenly vault... See it?

Pretend you haven't understood.
Randomly point out a direction.

You can pick either one of them, just ask for more information.


Don't go in all guns blazing. Listen to the voice of experience and do not defile the air of the World of Twelve with impure words. In short, always be polite! Not like Herdegrize. That old scholar is always quick to insult me. He hates me, you know. I think he was Gobball in a previous life. Inevitably, when he sees me reading the future in their entrails, he gets incredibly angry...

Carry on listening.

He retaliated by trying to discredit one of my books - "The Dragon Era". You can still find a copy in Astrub. I can see you're keen to help me out, so I'd like you to fetch one for me!


Drag select right then down from → to see spoiler.
→ Buy the book from Virgil Onamaz, Scroll seller at [5,-20] for 50 Kamas.

Let me see that rag! Can you believe it? That old schnook signed these books in my name, having made huge mistakes! He did it on purpose to discredit me in the eyes of my readers! But what's this... I can't correct anything: the book is protected by Herdegrize's magic! Bring me a Purple Piwi Feather, so that I can break the spell!

Ask how you do it.

Find a Purple Piwi, there are plenty in the area and in front of the mine.

Ask how you're going to get the feather from the Piwi

Attack it gently, without scaring it, and you're certain to collect a purple feather. If you don't for some reason, then start again. You're sure to recover at least one!

Go and pluck a feather from a Piwi


Nice work, although a Piwi's not the most ferocious of opponents, is it! *scribbles frantically and mutters* Aah! The swine! He really doesn't respect anything! Argh! Here, let me give you this book, it's now error-free. It will teach you all about dragons and their origins.

(Close this dialogue)


  • Level-Based XP
  • 182 Kamas
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