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Quest Summary
Starting Talk to Matt Hematik at [-50,44]
Level required 1
Other prerequisites None
Recommended level 1-200
Total rewards Level-Based XP (Maximum: 3,250,000)
Items required
(not provided by quest)
Sequel Vulkanian Shplinter, Holding Out for a Hero, Being a Hero? It's a Question of Attitude
Repeatable No

Admission Crater is a quest.


Talk to Matt Hematik at [-50,44] in Vulkania Village.


Shhh... Do you hear that? That uncontrollable sound filled with harmonies beyond belief?

Question him about access to the Pinki Crater.

Only the bravest and the most ignorant deem themselves worthy of descending into the crater. If you possess both of these qualities, you're the perfect candidate! Nonetheless, a sliver of brainpower could come in handy too. That's why I've created a treasure hunt for you, to get your brain cells warmed up as well as your calf muscles.

Find out more. (Activates quest)

Step 1: Little Pieces Scattered Around, Like a Puzzle[]

If you want to earn the right to enter the Pinki Crater, you will have to find the six pieces of Totem Erarious which have been hidden around Vulkania.
The enigmatic Matt Hematik will be only too happy to give you some clues if you don't know where to look.

So, how's the Totem hunt going? Do you have all six pieces?

Hand over the six pieces of the Totem.

Congratulations! Not too difficult for you, then? I tried to take everything into account when hiding the pieces of the statuette, like tidal predictions, the number of steps between craters and the average walking speed of tourists. But I'm going off on a tangent, you must be dying to see what's awaiting you down there! Give me a second... ta-da, the Totem Erarious is complete! Give it to DuhBrane, the guard of the Pinki Crater. Pass my regards on to Grozilla and Grasmera, and good luck!

You will receive 1 Totem Erarious.



Mpmpm vs b oppc.

Try to understand what he's on about.

Me astounded adventurers like you no polyglots.
You plan to conquer world with 6 Dofus? Plan bound to fail. Two reasons why.
One, is evident you intelligence is ordinary, mediocre even.
Two, Subtle, you not powerful enough to get 6 Dofus.

Find out more about the Pinki Crater.

Me guard entrance to Pinki Crater. If you want pass, you give Totem Erarious or show stamp in Vulkania Passport.

Hand over the Totem Erarious. (Completes quest)

Me take Totem and give stamp in Vulkania Passport. You go through now.

Go down into the crater. (Starts the quests Holding Out for a Hero and Being a Hero? It's a Question of Attitude)


  • Level-Based XP (Maximum: 3,250,000)


Totem parts
  • Head - In the first room of any of the four craters at [-49,40], [-50,42], [-52,37] or [-55,39]. Click on the first crystal.
  • Body [-53,40] - Click on the claw, on the right of the house.
  • Left arm [-49,47] - Go to [-49,45] and talk to 5-O Hin Cho Kolly. Click on the battle flag.
  • Right arm [-54,34] - Go to [-54,38] and talk to 5-O Makenoka. Click on the battle flag.
  • Left Leg [-55,42] - Click on the tree.
  • Right leg [-48,40] - Go inside and click on the bag filled with oranges.
Faster Route
  • Left arm [-49,47] - Go [-49,45] and talk to 5-O Hin Cho Kolly
  • Head [-50,42]
  • Right leg [-48,40]
  • Body [-53,40]
  • Right arm [-54,34] - Go [-54,38] and talk to 5-O Makenoka
  • Left Leg [-55,42]

Quick Step (copy the following and paste it into chat. Follow the order to save time):


Admission Crater Totem Locations

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