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Aermyne is a server.

For the Bounty quest Monster of a similar name see Aermyne 'Braco' Scalptaras.

Official description

Aermyne had long enjoyed a glowing reputation among the mothers of Amakna. Changing napples, washing clothes, and giving babies bottles was what she did best, and she did it better than anyone. Only, one day, a voice suddenly started speaking in her head, and everything changed. The laundry and the baby bottles were over, and Aermyne shooed the little brats out of her house with clouts around the ears. No one understood why she did this and so Aermyne was exiled to Pandala.


  • German, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian

Server creation date

  • 2009-12-02


  • Recommended


Aermyne is labeled as an International server, but Aermyne is only intended for the German, Portuguese, Dutch, and Italian communities. The International community's moderator team has no power in Aermyne.

Aermyne was added during the transition to Dofus 2.0 to allow early-adopters to run 2.0 until it is ready for broad adoption, coexisting with most other servers running the older version for a time.

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