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A monster's aggro range is the range in which the monster will aggress a player at.

The range is circular. The picture below shows how the range is calculated. A monster will aggress if you 'step' (see Notes) on any of the sqaures whose number is equal to, or less than its aggro range. So a monster with an aggro range of 2 will aggress on all sqaures marked 1 and 2 around it.



  • Aggression only applies if you move towards or otherwise tamper with the aggro range, NOT if the monster approaches you without your moving.
  • Also aggression is not triggered if the monster pops up AFTER you started moving.
  • Some monsters, such as Skeleton Wabbits, are said to increase their aggro range if a player is running.
  • Harvesting a resource located within the Aggro range (even if you stay out of range) is equivalent to stepping in, ie. you'll get aggressed.
  • Stepping on a map-change plot located at the edge of the aggro range (cells marked '2' and '3' in the picture above) does not trigger the aggression.
  • Moving out of a danger cell towards a safe cell (eg. after the monster moved in your direction) does not trigger the aggression.
  • The cell to be considered is the "hot cell" of the monster group, ie. the one it is associated with. Turning off the "Display all the monsters in a group" in the Options menu is recommended when wandering on maps with aggro monsters, because you see what the hot cell is. You can also target the monster group with a food item like bread - one monster in the mob will have an orange square under it, this is the one which aggroes.
  • If you move into the aggro range of two groups of the same monster types, the larger mob will be the one that aggresses you.
  • If you arrive in a map where monsters are aggressive and you are trapped, you can safely move to the previous map by carefully clicking on the arrow on the sqaures where your character is already standing, so that you do not need to move in order to change locations.
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