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NPC Details
Area Amakna
Agrid Shakoku
Location Gobball Corner
Coords [4,8]
Details Inside Lumberjacks' Workshop
Options Talk, Exchange

Agrid Shakoku is an NPC.



Gah, I've been bitten by these damned Moskitoes again... Mum tells me it's because of my peach-like complexion, my skin is too sweet... I think you might be able to help me...

Offer to help.

I have a few jobs I can offer offer you: Moskito extermination, collecting Treechnid Wood, carving a Treechnid Root Staff and the extermination of the Ancestral Treechnid.

Find out more about making of a Treechnid Root Staff.

I urgently need a Staff made of Treechnid Roots for my friend Farle Ingalsse who needs it to herd his Gobball Flocks... If you could call on a good Staff Carver who can make you one, and if you could bring it back to me, I'll give you a very rare resource: a Worked Sap of Treechnid.

Find out more about Treechnid Sap.

This sap is almost magic. When correctly used, it can bring a Staff of Treechnid Roots back to life and make it extremely powerful. Ask a high level Staff Carver for more information. A good carver should be able to make it if you bring some of this sap... Be careful, this worked sap must be handled with care. It has been worked by a renowned alchemist, Adam Haihaive who transformed himself in an Treechnid for a couple hours to take a sip of the sticky stuff.

Find out more about the Ancestral Treechnid.

This Treechnid is one of the oldest in the Province of Amakna. It has already killed most of my Lumberjack friends but worse than that, it killed my family one night while we were sleeping out in the open.
It happened deep in the forest I am the only one who survived...
I want to take my revenge but I can't do it myself... That's why I'm asking you to do it for me... Go and kill that monster and I'll reward you fairly.

Find out more about the reward.

To take revenge on that monstrous creature, I will never forget it...
Once you've killed it, take an Ancestral Amber and try to forge Ancestral Daggers out of it.
Then bring me back these daggers and I will give you Ancestral wood in exchange. Ancestral wood is used in the manufacture of a famous Amulet with dazzling powers or even in the restoration of the legendary Splitter of Ancestral Treechnid, an axe that will make its holder one of the most powerful warriors in Amakna.
But be careful, You'll have to find a very experienced Dagger Smith to forge the daggers that I'm looking for. And to manufacture this amulet I'm talking about or to forge this famous axe, you'll have to ask outstanding craftsmen.
One last thing, don't underestimate the power of that Ancestral Treechnid...

Ask for more information about this Treechnid.

It's older than the oldest Enutrof, more deceitful than the most deceitful Rogue and more dangerous than a drunken Bwork Magus.
You shouldn't challenge it alone, it often goes out for a walk, with its whole army of Arachnees in the forests near the Southern Sawmill. It is always in search of new lumberjacks to devour.
One last thing, beware of its magic. It almost killed Brouce Boulgour the Lumberjack last winter.


Give To get
1 Treechnid Root Staff 1 Reworked Treechnid Sap


Agrid Shakoku used to give 1 Agride in exchange for 10 Treechnid Bark and 10 Treechnid Root.

Agrid Shakoku used to give 1 Ancestral Wood in exchange for 1 Ancestral Daggers.

Agrid Shakoku used to give 1 Lumberjack Axe in exchange for 10 Moskito Wings.

Agrid Shakoku used to give 1 Lumberjack Amulet in exchange for 100 Moskito Wings.