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NPC Details
Area Astrub
Ahenn Peuh
Location Astrub City
Coords [1,-20]
Details Profession Center
Options Talk

Ahenn Peuh is an NPC.



Hi, are you looking for some work? If you are, you've come to the right place. I can give you some information about different jobs and tell you where you might find a potential master.

Ask for general information
Professions are divided into two main categories: harvesting and local crafts. Neither category could flourish without the other. Peasants, lumberjacks, fisherman, hunters and miners harvest raw materials from nature's bounty. The local craftspeople, including all smiths, sculptors, jewellers, shoemakers and tailors use their skill to refine and craft these materials. Alchemy occupies a special place,as its practitioners are both harvesters and crafters at once.
The Handicraft profession
The craftspeople create useful objects from raw materials - most often brought from harvesters, but often picked up from romantic adventures whose tall tales are matched only by the contents of their pockets! As a result, it is a tougher profession than harvesting. For one thing it requires more investment. It's like they say, you have to spend some to get some.
The Harvest profession
Harvesters pass their days outdoors, reaping, chopping, digging and sometimes wildly kicking raw materials when they have ripened. Miners scratch at the mineral veins deep inside the earth while alchemists expertly select the finest and most potent flowers in the forests and fields. These raw materials, after a certain amount of refinement, from wheat to flour for instance, are ready to be sold! Craftspeople in particular are always ready to hand over a few Kamas for their wares...
Ask for precise information
Are you looking for information on a particular profession? which category does it belong to?
The Harvest profession
Which one?
Choose a job to learn more about the profession and get to know where the master for this profession is to be found.
The Handicraft profession
Which job in particular?
Choose a job to learn more about the profession and get to know where the master for this profession is to be found.


Ahenn Peuh is based on a ANPE, a French job agency.

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