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NPC Details
Area Astrub
Location Astrub City
Coords [7,-19]
Details Inside Library, Second Map
Options Talk, Buy/Sell

Aisling is an NPC.



Thanks to the library books, the citizens of Astrub can look to the future by knowing the past... I'm happy to share the legacy of the elders.

Find out more about the city's new library.

The project was started by the scholar Manu Script. Without him, this place would never exist! He managed to build an impressive collection of books from all the libraries of the World of Twelve. Generous patrons have also donated books from their private collections. It's my job to put all these documents in order and to make them available to the public... It's a big responsibility, but I'm proud to work here, amongst all these treasures.

Find out more about her.

I had the chance to travel and learn several languages, which led to a job translating several texts for Liam Nesswiltee, the librarian in Brakmar. When Liam realised I had managed to transpose the wording and illumination of the 542nd volume of the Goblin Encyclopaedia, he asked me to put the archives of the Bwork section in order. As I'm a bit of a perfectionist, I suggested I could perhaps correct certain errors in the original texts.

Reply that it can't have been easy.

Let's just say it's a bit like emptying the ocean with a teaspoon, or like trying to understand one of Snuffles's jokes... I would still be in Brakmar if I'd never met Master Script. He offered me the job of librarian of Astrub, and I accepted straight away. I gathered my brushes and styli, and then set off for the City of Mercenaries with Neria, who has been flying around after me for years.

Wish them good luck.


Item Price (Kamas) Conditions of sale
Birth of Bolgrot - Found Fragments VI A. 50
Six Dofus - Found Fragments V 50
Tears of a Goddess (part 1) - Found Fragments VII 50
Tears of a Goddess (part 2) - Found Fragments VIII 50
The Choice of Gods - Found Fragments II 50
The Dofus Era - Found Fragments IV 50
The Dragon Era - Found Fragments III 50
The Hymn of the World - Found Fragments I 50
Xelor's Divine Clock - Found Fragments VI 50
Forged by Our Fathers 500 Quest 'Brikkr-a-Brokkr' complete
Paztek for Dummies 500
Paztek-Twelvian Dictionary 500
The Smythposium 500 Quest 'Brikkr-a-Brokkr' complete
Tales and Legends of the Bayou 1000 Quest 'The Last Emperor's Revenge' complete
or Quest 'Lost in Time' complete


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