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The feature(s) mentioned on this page have been removed from the game, and are merely left on the Wiki for historical reasons.

Alchemy Encyclopedia Annex B: Skills was a document.


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Alchemy Encyclopedia
Book Appendix B : Mastery
Sir Bekver

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Each alchimy potion to forget one skill contains one fixed item, in quantity proportional to the total number of ingrediants. This ingredient is a Potion of Old Age.

Recipies are listed like this :
Forgetfullness potion of X:
3xPotion of Old Age + 1xDiamond...

Please note that recipes given in this book list all items needed, not more not less. Don't add something if you want to succeed in making your potion. Every bottle will make the deal, don't lose time to chose one. You would pour it in your bottle after mixing items.

Page 4[]

Skill Loss Potion : Sword :
Potion of Old Age x1 + Crystal x1

Skill Loss Potion : Daggers :
Potion of Old Age x1 + Diamond x1

Skill Loss Potion : Bow :
Potion of Old Age x1 + Emerald x1

Skill Loss Potion : Hammer :
Potion of Old Age x1 + Sapphire x1

Skill Loss Potion : Staff :
Potion of Old Age x1 + Ruby x1

Skill Loss Potion : Wand :
Potion of Old Age x1 + Ruby x1 + Silver x1

Skill Loss Potion : Shovel :
Potion of Old Age x1 + Crystal x1 + Gold x1