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Alchemy Encyclopedia Annex C: Elementary Spells was a document.


Book Appendix C : Elementary and Special Spells

Sir Bekver

Each alchemy potion to forget one elementary spell does not contain a fixed item. The recipe always contains one single item, related to the spell to forget. Only the preparation matters.

Please note that this is the full recipe. There's no need to add anything to it especially if you want to obtain the right effect. No special flask is required to make this potion. Once the concoction is ready, you can always pour it into another container.

Forgetfulness Potion: 'Leek Pie' :

Evil Dandelion Flower x50

Forgetfulness Potion: 'Cawwot' :

Cawwot x10

Forgetfulness Potion: 'Moon Hammer' :

Kokonut x20

Forgetfulness Potion: 'Release' :

Rose Petal x50

Forgetfulness Potion: 'Striking' :

Wild Sunflower Seed x40

Forgetfulness Potion: 'Brockle' :

Bloody Flint x4

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