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Alchemy Encyclopedia Part III: Sram was a document.


Alchemy Encyclopaedia

Book 3 : Sram

Sir Bekver

Each alchemy potion for Srams contains one fixed ingredient proportionally quantified with the other ingredients. This ingredient is Carved Bone. You can easily find it in a Sram retailer's for a fee, of course.

Recipes will be listed as follows:

Forgetfulness Potion: X :

Carved Bone x2 + Diamond x1 + ...

Please note that this is the full recipe. There's no need to add anything to it especially if you want to obtain the right effect. No special flask is required to make this potion. Once the concoction is ready, you can always pour it into another container.

Forgetfulness Potion : 'Deceitful Attack' :

Heest Dart x1 + Carved Bone x2

Forgetfulness Potion : 'Double' :

Crystal x4 + Carved Bone x2

Forgetfulness potion :'Fear' :

Carved Bone x2 + Ortimus Contrari's bloody blades x1

Forgetfulness Potion : 'Tricky Blow' :

Carved Bone x2 + Otof'Mai'We Daggers x3

Forgetfulness Potion : 'Lethal Attack' :

Carved Bone x2 + Chakra Style x1

Forgetfulness Potion :'Chakra Impulse' :

Carved Bone x3 + Forgetfulness Potion : 'Chakra Concentration' x1 + Faillette Boots x1

Forgetfulness Potion : 'Chakra Concentration' :

Carved Bone x4 + Imposing Strengthish Belt x30 + Bear Powerful Amulet x30

Forgetfulness Potion : 'Con' :

Carved Bone x3 + Gold Ingot x2 + Ruby x1

Forgetfulness Potion :'Deviousness' :

Carved Bone x5 + Treacherously Hypnotic Daggers x10 + Arachnee leg x50

Forgetfulness Potion :'Lethal Trap' :

Carved Bone x3 + Forgetfulness Potion : 'Lethal Attack' x1 + Iron x10

Forgetfulness Potion :'Location' :

Carved Bone x3 + Omniscient Crystal Staff-Ball x20 + Crystal x2

Forgetfulness potion :'Mass trap' :

Carved Bone x3 + Forgetfulness Potion : 'Concentration' x1 + Iron x10

Forgetfulness potion :'Paralyzing Trap' :

Carved Bone x3 + Forgetfulness Potion :'Paralyzing Word' x1 + Iron x10

Forgetfulness Potion :'Poisoned Trap' :

Carved Bone x3 + Forgetfulness Potion :'Poisoned Wind' x1 + Iron x10

Forgetfulness Potion :'Trap of Silence' :

Carved Bone x3 + Forgetfulness Potion :'Word of Silence' x1 + Iron x10

Forgetfulness Potion :'Tricky Trap' :

Carved Bone x3 + Forgetfulness Potion :'Deviousness' x1 + Iron x10

Forgetfulness Potion :'Unsummoning Trap' :

Carved Bone x3 + Iron x10 + Forgetfulness Potion : 'Unsummoning' x1

Forgetfulness Potion :'Invisibility of Others' :

Carved Bone x3 + Forgetfulness Potion :'Invisibility' x1 + Bowl x1

Forgetfulness Potion :'Invisibility' :

Carved Bone x4 + Prespic peak x20 + Invisible Chafer bone x30 + Sapphire x1

Forgetfulness Potion :'Mistake' :

Carved Bone x5 + Powerful Ring of Agility x20 + Security Belt x10 + Evil tofu wing x20 + Vampire blood x20

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