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Alchemy Encyclopedia Part V: Xelor was a document.


  • No longer obtainable


Alchemy Encyclopaedia

Book 5 : Xelor

Sir Bekver

Each alchemy potion for our Xelor friends contains one fixed ingredient proportionally quantified with the other ingredients. This ingredient is the Ever Lasting Flower. You can easily find it in a Xelor retailer's for a fee, of course.

Recipes will be listed as follows:

Forgetfulness Potion: X :

Ever Lasting Flower x2 Diamond x1 ...

Please note that this is the full recipe. There's no need to add anything to it especially if you want to obtain the right effect. No special flask is required to make this potion. Once the concoction is ready, you can always pour it into another container.

Forgetfulness Potion :'Haziness' :

Ever Lasting Flower x2 Kam Assutra's amulet x1

Forgetfulness Potion :'Mummification' :

Ever Lasting Flower x2 Wrong Hammer x1

Forgetfulness potion :'Slow Down' :

Ever Lasting Flower x2 Rune Ga Pa x1

Forgetfulness Potion :'Time Theft' :

Ever Lasting Flower x2 Potion of Old Age x100

Forgetfulness potion :'Blinding Protection' :

The Celestial Brooch x1 Ever Lasting Flower x3 Gold x50

Forgetfulness Potion :'Punch of Xelor' :

Ever Lasting Flower x3 Falistos' Maul x1 Ecalisor x10

Forgetfulness Potion :'Sandglass of Xelor' :

Ever Lasting Flower x3 Xelor's Past x10 Tronom Hammer x10

Forgetfulness Potion :'Shriveling' :

Ever Lasting Flower x3 Malt x100 Emerald x1

Forgetfulness Potion :'Dark Ray' :

Ever Lasting Flower x4 Liriel's wand x10 Will-o'-the-wisp's Wand x10 Sapphire x1

Forgetfulness Potion :'Clock' :

Ever Lasting Flower x4 Kam Assutra's amulet x1 Bluish Royal Jelly x1 powerful Pospodrol Hammer x1

Forgetfulness Potion : 'Counter' :

Ever Lasting Flower x4 Blue larva skin x40 Orange larva skin x40 Green larva skin x40

Forgetfulness Potion :'Teleportation' :

Ever Lasting Flower x4 Crystal x2 Yew Wood x20 Salt x10

Forgetfulness Potion :'Temporal Dust' :

Ever Lasting Flower x4 Crystal x1 Magical Cure x20 Terrifying Hour Wand x10

Forgetfulness Potion : 'Dial of Xelor' :

Long Mace Tmosfer x10 Ever Lasting Flower x5 Crystal x1 Hornbeam Wood x10 Ebony Wood x10

Forgetfulness Potion :'Flight' :

Ever Lasting Flower x5 Ragnarok x1 Emerald x1 Bowisse's boots x1 Powerful Chase Boots x1

Forgetfulness Potion :'Frostbite' :

Bells x5 Ice Wand x1 Blue Metaria x15 Blue Triam Metaria x10 Blue Mage Metaria x5

Forgetfulness : 'Homing Hand' :

Ever Lasting Flower x5 Potion of Old Age x50 Dragon Pig skull x5 Old Dreggon Bone x5 Unikron Blood x5

Forgetfulness Potion : 'Loss of Motivation' :

Small Chase Boots x2 Chase boots x2 Great Chase Boots x2 Powerful Chase Boots x2 Ever Lasting Flower x5

Forgetfulness Potion : 'Devotion' :

Heavy Clergy Wand x2 Ever Lasting Flower x5 Silicate's amulet x1 Cerberus x2 Ebony Wood x10

Forgetfulness Potion : 'Hand' :

Ever Lasting Flower x6 Small Daggers x1 Terrifying Hour Wand x1 Great Hour Wand x1 Small Hour Wand x1 Hour Wand x1