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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Lieutenant Braylle at [1,6]
Other prerequisitesEdge of Tomorrow
Recommended level170
Total rewardsLevel-Based XP (Max: 2,243,680), 32,280 Kamas, 35 Orichor, 5 Thirtree Loincloth
Items required
(not provided by quest)
SequelThe Sands of Time, Futures Past

All You Need Is Kill is a quest.


Immediately after finishing the Edge of Tomorrow quest, by talking to Lieutenant Braylle at [1,6] in the Gonebyways.

Explain that you need her.

Me? Ah, erm... You should have warned me so I could have worn something a little more appropriate...

Interrupt them and ask about the origins of the syndrome.

Ah? Sorry, I thought that... Never mind. Since it seems we've already discussed this in the past, I'll get straight to the point. This morning, I noticed that one of the reserve's defective temporal stabilisers was missing. At the time, I wasn't worried, but this could be the source of the syndrome that's affecting you. You must get your hands on it and neutralise it. I'm going to create a device for you to do it properly.

Tell them to hurry.
While talking too much, you didn't see the time slip by. A jarring explosion wakes you up and reminds you that the world doesn't revolve around you, especially since you're dead now.

Step 1: All You Need Is KillEdit

Caught in a temporal warp, you need to find a way out.
  • Interrogate the warehouse guards
Talk to the Security Agent in front of the vault in the back room of the Xelorium outpost.

Halt! Only our technomages are authorised to enter the building.

Ask about eventual intrusions.

Are you insinuating I’m bad at my job?

Assure them that there are none.

Now move!

  • Interrogate the agents in the surrounding areas
Talk to Agent Pascal in the Xelorium outpost.

Each dimension has it own surprises. Imagine the multitude of locations left for us to visit! A lifetime won’t be enough to make the most of it, so thank the Twelve that our souls are destined to reincarnate.

Ask if he noticed anything unusual recently.

There have been multiple events this week, and despite my reputation as an agitator and stirrer, I had nothing to do with this. A scandal arose in the kitchen after Whitish Fang brains were discovered mixed with Trooll saddles, and since the food inspectors decided that adding meat to a dessert was a crime against food, they forbade it from being sold. However, the most notable event remains Agent O’Door, who finally decided to take a shower after coming back from the Srambad Catacombs.

Thank him for the precious information.

  • Continue to interrogate the agents in the surrounding areas
Talk to Rachelle Kiki in the Xelorium outpost.

It’s not always a given that you’ll get a good meal in a military cantine. Without meaning to blow my own trumpet, I think I’ve done pretty well considering the lack of originality of the ingredients available to me. You should try my pizza cake or my wart soup.

Invite her to share with you anything unusual she might have seen or heard recently.

Besides the mysterious disappearance of my Gobball puddings this morning while I was busy in the hall, I haven’t noticed anything unusual. There’s no special rumour making its rounds with the Voyagers. Ah, yes! It seems Agent O’Door has taken a shower. Personally, I couldn’t smell the difference.

Thank her for the precise information.
By some miracle, you've survived the fire caused by the explosion. However, the frying oil splattered on your head and the kitchen knives stuck in your abdomen are a fine reminder of Murphy's Law.
  • Go to the kitchens
On entering the kitchens, you notice a massive silhouette sneakily disappear.
  • Chase the silhouette
Drag select right then down from → to see spoiler.
Go to the entrance of the Xelorium outpost.
  • Look for signs of the silhouette's passage to pick up the trail again
Drag select right then down from → to see spoiler.
Go to [3,6] (in Xelorium) and click the rock.
It's not so much the tracks as the trail of sausages strewn all over that leads you believe the silhouette went south.
  • Start tracking again
Drag select right then down from → to see spoiler.
Go to [3,7] (in Xelorium) and talk to Avant-Garde Sethen.
After being far too slow to defeat your enemies before the rest of the outpost arrived, you eventually collapse in the face of their sheer numbers.
Give a brief explanation and tell her to follow you urgently.

I don’t know if I can trust you but, when in doubt, we don’t have a second to lose. I’m right behind you, but if you’re wasting my time, you’ll pay for it, believe me.

  • Track the silhouette
Drag select right then down from → to see spoiler.
Go back to [3,7] (in Xelorium) and talk to Avant-Garde Sethen again. You must defeat 4 fairly strong Altdemons. You will be assisted by Rita Foulmetal. She can inflict good damage and will help if you keep her alive.

You're a better fighter than I thought. Let's get back to the hunt.

Look around for the silhouette.

  • Start tracking again
Talk to Avant-Garde Thirtree.

XLII had given orders to find as many watches as possible, and I took biggest one even before the attack started. Now XLII will have to acknowledge my superiority over the other Thirtrees.

Stop him from fiddling with the temporal stabilizer.


Be careful, these weapons prototypes are not toys. Anyway, who gave you authorization to be here?

Talk about the temporal buckle.

I don’t know if I can trust you but, when in doubt, we don’t have a second to lose. Come with me, I want you to meet a friend of mine.

You will receive 1 Temporal Stabiliser Neutraliser.

Hello, I have a lot work to do, but I can listen to you if it’s important.

Request a device to neutralize a temporal stabilizer.

Who told you such a device existed? I did? I understand, we’ve probably spoken about during a previous cycle. Give me time to fix it, it malfunctions regularly.

Rush her because time is lacking, even in Xelorium.

There’s no point in explaining how it works to you. It’s so intuitive, even a senile Iop could use it.

  • Track the silhouette
Drag select right then down from → to see spoiler.
Go back to [3,7] (in Xelorium) and talk to Avant-Garde Sethen yet again. You must repeat the previous fight.
  • Start tracking again


Related AchievementsEdit


All You Need Is Kill and the events that take place in this quest are likely references to All You Need Is Kill, or Edge of Tomorrow.

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