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Amakna continent

Since the new updates it's way more easier to level your new character (for example achievements and XP-bonus based on how many characters you have on your account).

So to give everyone access to a nice way to level and getting to know the Amakna continent, an Amakna guideline is created.


Through this guideline you will get to know every Zaap in the entire continent and the first achievements from the 'Exploration' section.

Also you get to know which areas are aggro/non-aggro and you get a step by step walkthrough on where to walk (inlcuding map locations).

But at first a little word of advise: once you arrive at Astrub after creating a character, you should put on as many wisdom items as you can, this will increase the XP and thus your leveling. So if you have enough money, or you already have other chars: buy some stuff and, if possible, transfer it to your new char. Another advice is once you’ve got an achievement, immediately qet your XP from that achievement. This way you’ll end up higher level (you do not only get more XP from wisdom items, you also get more XP if you level up).


display aggro

And most important: in the option menu at the right top of your Dofus playing screen, or press 'o' (from option) on your keyboard, DISSABLE the option ‘Display all the monsters in a group’ (green means On, white means Off (Dissabled)). Some areas are agro and this way you can walk around a little easier.

Amakna guideline.Edit

Creating a character, IncarnamEdit


mark on map, orange

At first: create your character, choose anything you like! Once you get a hang of this leveling-round, you can easily create more characters and do it the same way. After creating your character you start in Incarnam, you also immediately start the (as I call them) ‘how-to-figure-things-out’ quests. I suggest you finish those quests as well, it will give you a couple of levels extra!

List of quests: Start As You Mean to Go On , Defeat the Monster .


mark on the map, green

After these quests you have to talk to Master Yakasi some more. He will lead you through the main quests of Incarnam. Finish all these quests, you can easily walk your way through Incarnam by checking your questbook (press 'q' (from quest) on your keyboard) and use the option ‘Mark on the map’. Once selected, the orange will turn green, and you'll see an arrow apearing on your map (press 'm' from Map).

List of quests: Follow Your Path , On the Trail of the Dofus , From Nhin to Nhin , Life After Death , The Relics of Setsun , The Relics of Ryzsun , Dungeon Key , Chit-Chat , Water Story , Zaap Away! , A Tough Blow and Journey to Astrub .


Once you've arrived in Astrub you can start a list of devotion quests to your own class-diety. By completing all these ‘beginners’-quests you’ll see you get some extra achievements as well. These achievements will give you some kama’s and also XP.

List of quests upon arriving: Discreet Arrival , Remarkyble Advice , Class Initiate Quests (special quests for your class, with Devotion last), Astrubian Rumours , Magus Ax's Almanax (just start this one, don't walk around to finish it, we'll get to that).

PS: while you’re on the Remarkyble Advice quest, you’ll get to talk to some other NPC’s that will give you the option to start other quests (you can choose freely to start these quests or dismiss them). This is how you will also get the Magus Ax’ Almanax quest.

Throughout all these quests you will find Astrub Zaap at [4,-19].

Areas near AstrubEdit

From now on all you need to do is walk around the Amakna continent to get your XP and achievements from areas you discover. For example: once you arrive at Astrub after Incarnam, you immediately get the achievement ‘Astrub’. All the achievements you get are named after the areas you discover, unless stated otherwise (for example from certain quests).

You start with Astrub Tunnels and Astrub Deep Tunnels. These can be found inside the cave at The Miners Market [6,-19]. After this, go outside the cave, go one step left and go up until you reach [5,-23]. This is the Discuss Corner you’ll discover. From there go all the way up in a straight line and you’ll discover Astrub fields, Astrub forest, The Cradle. In The Cradle you’ll find the Zaap at [1,-32]. Now you can go down again to [4,-25], there you go all the way right and you’ll discover Astrub Mines at [9,-25]. Go one up and you’ll discover Astrub Rocky Inlet. From here go all the way down in a straight line and you’ll discover Astrub Meadow. Stop at [9,-12] and from there go left until you reach Tofu Corner at [7,-12].

Amakna and nearby areasEdit

Go down to [7,-9] where you’ll find Amakna Castle Gobball Breeding Station. Here you’ll go left again to [4,-9] and there go down inside Amakna Castle. The Zaap you’ll find at [3,-5]. Inside walk straight down until you reach Kawaii River at [4,-3]. Go right to Madestram Harbor and walk until you reach [7,-3]. From here go one up, this is also the spot where you find a Zaap, and go inside the cave (here you discover Amakna Castle Tunnels). Go outside again and walk down to [7,-1], then go left and walk to [5,-1]. Now you can go all the way down in a straight line until you reach [5,7] (here’s also a Zaap) and in between you’ll discover the following areas: The Countryside, Amakna Village, The Ingalsses’ Fields, Gobbal Corner. At reaching [5,7] you go all the way right to [12,7] where you find Mushd Corner. From there go up until you reach Asse Coast at [12,4].

Now you can go down again in a straight line until you reach Brouce Boulgoure’s Clearing at [12,10]. A little more down at [12,12] you find Amakna Forest.

WARNING: THE FOLLOWING AREAS ARE AGGRO! SO WATCH YOUR STEP (walk around with some space between you and the monsters).

Go right to [13,12] and you reach Bandit Territory. First go to [14,14] and enter the cave (this is empty and not aggro), walk this cave (Krismahlo Tunnel) until you get outside and reach Krismahlo Island. Go back to [14,14] and enter The Cemetary at [12,16]. At the cemetery you must also enter a ‘tombe’. You can enter one with a red door at [11,16] (you discover The Crypts). Now go back to Bandit Territory at [13,16] and walk down until you reach Sufokia Gulf Shoreline at [13,22].


At Sufokia Gulf Shoreline, first go left: you’ll find a Zaap at [10,22]. Then walk to you right: you’ll discover Sufokia at [15,22]. There you can take a boat to reach the Zaap at [13,26]. To discover more from the Amakna continent you should take the boat to Jelly Quay [12,29]. As you reach [12,29] walk all the way left, you discover The Jelly Peninsula and Scaraleaf plain at [5,-29]. Go down tot [5,31] and walk left until you rach [1,31] and discover Porco Territory.

Go up to [1,24] and go left to [-2,24]. On the way you’ll find a Zaap at [-1,24]. Here you’ll discover The Dreggon Peninsula.

WARNING: THE FOLLOWING AREAS ARE AGGRO! SO WATCH YOUR STEP (walk around with some space between you and the monsters).

Go two down and one left, there you reach Dreggon Village. Go inside the first house and enter the strairs: you discover Dreggon Tunnels. Go outside again and go up until you reach [-2,24] again.


From here go right to [1,24]. Now go all the way up, discover The Egde of the Evil Forest, until you reach [1,13]. From here first go right to [5,13] and enter the hole in the ground (you discover The Lost Dimension). Go back outside and all the way left, you find a Zaap at [-1,13]. Go one more left and enter the cave, you discover Passage To Brakmar. Go outside again. Go two more left and you discover The Swamp. Go back again until you reach the Zaap, go one up an you discover Low Crackler Mountain. Go one right where you reach the Gobball Corner again (at [0,12]). Go up to [0,8] and go left.

WARNING: THE FOLLOWING AREAS ARE AGGRO! SO WATCH YOUR STEP (walk around with some space between you and the monsters).

Here you discover The Bwork Camp at [-2,8]. Go left to [-4,8] and go one down, you discover The Bwork Village. Now go up in a straight line to [-4,5] and discover The Goblin Camp. Walk your way out of the Bwork-areas until you reach Gobball Corner again at [0,8].


Now you can walk all the way up until you reach [0,0]. In the meantime you discover The Milicluster.

At [0,0] go left to the Zaap at [-2,0]. Go up to [-2,-4] and accept the quest Finding Wabbitland (otherwise you’ll not be able to discover the Wabbit Islands later (do not complete the quest yet, we'll get to that later)). From there go one left so you discover Crackler Mountain.

Go inside cave, you discover Tunnels, and in the cave go right so you get outside again. Go to [-2,-6]. Go one left and one up to [-3,-7]. From there you can go all the way left and follow the main path in the mountains until you reach [-6,-9]. Here go one right and one down, you find a Zaap [-5,-8]. Here go one right again and you discover Cemetery of Heroes. Go back again to [-6,-9]. Here go one up (Edge of the Treechnid Forest). Go left until you discover the Treechnid Forest and Dark Treechnid Forest areas. Now walk back again to [-7,-10]. From here go all the way up until you reach Lousy Pig Plain at [-7,-19]. Go right to [-5,-19] and go up to the Zaap at [-5,-23]. Here you notice that your quest Magus Ax Almanax updates. Now go one right, on up. Enter Almanax Sancuary and finish the quest by talking to some people.

PS: Inside the Almanax you can also choose to accept the quest Year of the Dragon , you get lots of XP by offering and at the end of the quest you get a powerfull Dofus .

Now go outside again and walk down to [-4,-20).

Cania, Brakmar and BontaEdit

From here go all the way left until you reach [-20,-20]. At this location you find a Zaap again, and you’ve also discovered the following areas: Cania Massif, Rocky Road. At [-20,-20] go down to [-20,-12]. There you go left until you reach [-24,-12]. You discover the area Scree. Here go down again in a straight line. Meanwile you discover Road to Brakmar, Dark Road and Sidimote Moors. Stop at [-24,15]. Now go right to [-19,15] and discover Gisgoul, The Devastated Village. Go one step left again so you’re at [-20,15] and outside the aggro area. Go down to [-20,22]. Here go two right, you discover Desecrated Highlands, and go down to [-18,28]. Enter the cave and you discover Path To Fungus Dungeon. Go outside again, and go on right. Now go down to [-17,33] and you discover Cemetery of the Tortured. Now go up again until you reach [-17,30]. From here go all the way left: you discover Brakmar City Walls and Bakers Quarter at [-25,30].

Go inside Brakmar, walk left until you reach [-29,31]. Your now in the Butchers Quarter. At this point enter the stairs you see and you discover Brakmar Sewers. Go outside again. Go one down and from here use the Zapi’s to discover all the areas in Brakmar city, ending with the Zaap in the centre (remember you’ve already discovered Bakers and Butchers Quarter): Alchemist Quarter, Fisherman Quarter, Breeders Quarter, Handymen Quarter, Lumberjacks Quarter, Tailors Quarter, Smiths Quarter and end with City Centre. Once at the Brakmar Zaap: use the Zaap to go back to [-20,-20].

From here go down again to [-20,-12] and go all the way left until you reach [-29-12]. Meanwhile you discover Coast Road and Cania Bay. Once at Cania Bay walk your way through the erea until you reach [-36,-9]. From here you take the boat to Minotoror Island. At the Island you discover Minotoror Island. Now walk to the dungeon you find at [-42,-17]. Enter it and open the first room, here you discover Labyrinth of the Minotoror. Leave the room, and leave the dungeon. Go back to the boat and back to Cania Bay. Walk your way through the area again until you reach [-28,-12]. From here it is a long walk all the way up to [-28,-35] where you reach The Cania Fields. Once there, first go one up and one right (here you'll find a new Zaap at [-27,-36]), after that go two left and now walk all the way up to [-29,-48] where you discover Bakers Quarter (Bonta). Trust me, do it this way, in order to collect the achievements the right way. At this point, walk up to the Bakers Workshop and again, like in Brakmar use the Zapi’s again to discover all the areas (but now also including the Butchers Quarter, since you’ve not been there yet). Once reaching the Handymens Quarter don’t forget to enter the stairs at [-26,-60] (Handyman’s market/workshop), there you’ll discover the Bonta Sewers.

PS: Remember your ‘Finding Wabbitland ’ quest? Now go to the Recourse market and buy the four Scaraleaf wings you need. It’s important to do that now, so later on you won’t have to travel back up here again. Also you should buy a Karne Nail (you need this later to enter and discover the area 'The Evil Forest ') .

Don’t forget to go to the Zaap in Bonta. After that, end your trip by going to Fuebuk Inn and go right to [-24,-56]. Outside the city you discover Bonta City Walls. Here walk straight up until you reach [-24,-63] and discover Bonta Pasture.

Now go right to [-22,-63] and go one down.

WARNING: THE FOLLOWING AREAS ARE AGGRO! SO WATCH YOUR STEP (walk around with some space between you and the monsters).

Here you discover Eltneg Wood. Once discovered go one right, two down and one right again: you now reach [-19,-60] and discover Cania Moors.


Here go right to [-16,-60], go one up and discover The Crows Domain. Go one down again and two right to discover Bonta Cemetery. From here go one left (back to Cania Moors) again, so you’re outside aggro area, and walk all the way down to [-15,-55]. Here go one right. Walk down to discover Rocky Plains, and more down to the Zaap at [-14,-47].

Go a little more down and discover Cania Peaks. From here go right to discover Cania Cirque and Cania Forest. Stop at [-8,-44] and go up to discover Cania Dessert at [-8,-49]. From here go right to [-2,-49]. Now go down and discover Cania Plain and stop walking again at [-2,-43]. At this point go left to [-5,-43] and you’ll discover Cania Lake. From here walk down to [-5,-36] and go left to [-11,-36]. Here are to trashcan where you can sort you things. Maybe throw some un-usefull thins away. By getting achievements you also get stuff, so this is the right place to sort your inventory. Now go down to the Zaap at [-13,-28]. It’s important not to forget any, because through these Zaaps you can easily travel throughout the entire continent.

Koalak mountainEdit

At first, keep in mind that the following Koalak areas you are about to discover are AGGRO and thus you must watch your step: Enchanted Lakes, Kaliptus Forest, Wild Canyon.

With the Zaap, go back to Astrub and walk to the Statue of Pandawa in the South-East of the village. Here you’ll find an Enutrof with a mission to discover some Koalak mountain areas (Non Guided Tour ). Accept this mission and go back to the Astrub Zaap again. Take the Zaap to Crackler Mountain. Go one up, one right, one up until you reach the Egde of the Treechnid Forest again. There go one left, four down, one left, one down, three left, two down. Here you’ll discover the Enchanted Lakes area. Watch out: wherever Koalaks walk it is AGGRO (as mentioned above). Go one down again and discover Wild Dragoturkey Territory. Here go one right and discover the Nauseating Swamps. At the Nauseating Swamps you can update your first part of the Non-Guided Tour quest. Use 'q' (from quest) on your keyboard, select the quest and click on all the orange ‘Mark on you map’ things. Now you see where you must go to update the entire quest. But first: check your map, your now at [-10,-2]. Here go one right, one down, one right. Your quest updates at [-8,-1]. Go back to [-10,-2]. Walk down until you reach Bottomless Swamps. Go a little more down to [-10,4]. Go one left, you discover Kaliptus Forest. Go one down and your quest updates again. Go one up again and go left to [-17,4]. From there walk down until you discover Wild Canyon at [-17,8] and your quest updates as well. Go all the way up until you reach Enchanted Lakes at [-17,-3] to update your quest again. Now go one down and one right, and walk down to the Zaap. Your quest updates and you can now go back to Astrub and talk to the Enu at the Pandawa Statue, here you finish your quest (gives lots of XP).

Final detailsEdit

Go back to Atrub Zaap, and take it to Amakna Village. Go up again to [-2,-4] and finish the ‘Finding Wabbitland ’ quest. Now go back to the Amakna Village Zaap and take it to Madestram Harbour. Here you go one down, two right and all the way up until you reach [13,7] and discover the Jail area.

Go back down to Boat to the Wabbit Islands and use it. Once there you’ll discover Cawwot Island. Don’t forget to go to the Zaap. Use the boat to get back to Madestram Harbour again (it’s a two-way ticket you bought, saves some money). Once back again go one up and three right. Take the boat to Sakai Island (it’s free). Sakai Island is also aggro, so watch your step. Here discover Sakai Harbour, Sakai Plain and Snowy Forest. It’s a small island and an easy walk, just go up until you’ve got all the areas. Go back with the boat to Madestram Harbour again. Walk to the Zaap and go to Astrub Zaap.

Pandala areas, finish your tourEdit

Once in Astrub, go to the Inn and buy 10 Astrub beer. You’ll need it to access the Pandala Areas. When you’re outside the Inn again, go two up and from there all the way right to [12.-19]. Go two up and speak to the Panda. He’ll give you the Pandavignon quest. For this quest you need to defeat 1 Wild Sunflower, 1 Demonic Rose and 1 Evil Dandelion. Once defeated go back and talk to the Panda again. Now give him the 10 beer and you can cross the bridge. Discover the area Pandala Bridge and at the end of the bridge accept the quest Pandala: An Island Like No Other . You have to accept it, otherwise you’ll not be able to access the rest of the island (unless you're playing with a Pandawa, then you can access the island without doing this quest). After accepting it, go one right (Neutral Pandala) and one down (Border of Akwadala). Go three up and discover Border of Aerdala. From there go two right and three up. At [22,-33] you discover Pandala Suburbs and you have to update your quest (follow the instructions in you questbook). After this go to two right and two up. You discover Pandala Village and at [24,-35] you can finish your quest. Now go two right and two up, you’re at the main Zaap now. From the Zaap go two left, you discover Pandala Forest and Border of Terrdala. Now go down to [28,-33] and from there three right, one up and two right again. Here you’ll discover The Squirming Snapper. Now walk your way back to [28,-33]. Go all the way up until you reach Border of Fuedala at [28,-44]. Go one right and go up to Nolifis Bridge at [29,-47]. Cross the bridge until you reach [32,-50]. Now you discover Nolifis Island.

Final infoEdit

At this point you’ve discovered the main parts of the Amakna continent. There are still some areas left that need to be discover (for example The Evil Forest (that's why you needed the Karne Nail )), you can check it by clicking 'u' (from, let's say, undiscovered) on your keyboard. For some areas you need to be higher level or you need specific items.

Frigost, the final step.Edit

Another area you can freely access is Frigost. Although you need to be level 50, it’s easy to get there and walk your way around. Instructions: if your still at Pandala, or another area, take the Zaap to Rocky Road. Walk down to [-20,-12], from there walk left to Cania Bay. Wak your way through the area and go to [-34,-16] and take the boat to Frigost. You’ll get a simple quest (Icefields ), just keep talking to the dude, and discover The Atinau Sea. Once at Frigost you need to talk to Mousse Haka at [-81,-37]. He’ll guide you to the Major of Frigost. While walking to the major (you can point it out on your map, at [-77,-42]) you discover Permafrost Port and Frigost Village.

The quest Full Contact, and discovering Frigost:

Now talk to the Major and accept her new quest Full Contact . Now you need to talk to a lot of people, so here’s a quick guideline of where to find them (I divided the quest in parts so it’s easier to handle): From the Major office, talk to her assistance and then go outside.

Part one: enter Library, Tower of Archives, The Silver Tavern (here go to basement and up the room as well), Militia.

Part two: after Militia go two down and all the way right inside Carvers Workshop. Go far down to [-76,-33]. Now go op to Frigostian Paradise Tavern. From here go one right and all the way up to [-76,-46], talk to the people at the gate.

Part three: go outside Frigost Village to dicover The Icefields. Then go two up, discover The Lonesome Pine Trails. Then go four right and discover Frozen Lake. Now go back again to Frigost Village at [-76,-46].

Part four: go to [-80,-46] and one down inside Frigost’s Doctor. From there go one left, one down and enter Alchemist Workshop. Now go up to [-81,-46], talk to the girl, after that go right to Ski Maker. From there go two down and four left. Go all the way down to [-85,-36] and talk to the guy inside. Go back to Frigost Village.

Part five: at [-85,-44] go two down and three right, enter Fishermen&Fishmongers Market. Outside again go one down and one right, enter Lisa Kaya’s Tavern. Outside again, go two down and talk to the dude outside.

Part six: after this you should be able to talk to the Major again. Check you quest by pressing 'q' (from quest) to be sure! After talking to here you get a bunch of XP and some more achievements.

What final level can you expect?Edit

In my case, with the 4x XP bonus and the Cawwot Dofus I had lying around, and if done right (this also includes the first offering if you accept the ‘Year of the Dragon ’ Almanax quest) you’ll end up being around level 58-60. The more wisdom items you get, the higher level you get.

Still need to test this round with the normal XP so I can give you a minimum and a maximum. This edit will come later around.

In the meantime: Good luck!!

PS: To get a little extra achievement, finish the following quests at Astrub: The Dofus and The Pandawa, Nowa's Ark and In Search of the Missing Enus.fixe