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Quest Summary
Starting Talk to Setsinbol at [2,-16]
Other prerequisites Class Council, Cra only
Recommended level 20
Max XP 39,312  at Level 200
Total rewards 936 Kamas, 1 Beach Towel, 1 Marine Conch, 1 Prize Fin, 1 Suntan Lotion
Items required
(not provided by quest)
Sequel Uprising Damp

An Api a Day is a quest.

Formerly known as Crâ's knowledge.


Setsinbol suggests that if we want to become more like him, we need to practice shooting arrows at Apis on the heads of people you hold dear. First, however, we should practice with mannequins.


Talk to Setsinbol at [2,-16] in Astrub City.

*looking at himself in a small mirror* You know you're handsome, you... Huh? What's this about?"

Ask about how he stays in shape.

As far as I'm concerned, I have a clear advantage over you. Thank Cra, I was born this way! I can't do anything for your physique, unless it's to advise you to change tailors and then again... I'm not really sure it's all down to your clothes...

Take offence.

Calm down, you look all puffy when you're angry. Do you see me getting upset? No, a disciple of Cra knows how to keep a cool head in any situation. That's your first lesson. There is something that you can do however. With a lot of effort and training, you should be able to achieve a tenth of my talent.

Find out more about this training.

You must practice shooting arrows at apis on the heads of people you hold dear. First off, if you want to avoid any accidents, you should start by putting the apis on the heads of training dummies and only swap them for living people once you've made enough progress. The Militia Tower has a room specially set up for this.

Follow this advice and go to the militia.

Step 1: Apis[]

Inside the Militia at [5,-19]. Go into the opposite door.

Story: Unfortunately, the militia has run out of apis. We need to replace them ourselves.

Inside Grocery Store [1,-16]. You will receive 1 Crate of Rotten Apis.

  • Take 1 Crate of Rotten Apis to Mercenary Instructor

At [3,-19].

Story: Someone has stolen Hardy's crate of apis. He also took a crate of tomatoes, so we should trace the red marks of the tomatoes that the rascals left behind.

  • Follow the traces of tomato

Go to [2,-17].

  • Talk to Tomato Thief
  • Talk to Astrubian Mercenary
  • Follow the traces towards the entrance to the tunnels in the meadows

Go to [7,-10].

  • Talk to Api Thief

This is a solo fight versus 3 level 20 Eniripsas.

  • Rummage about in the cart

Click on the cart. You will receive 1 Crate of Fresh Apis.

Step 2: Training[]

  • Take 1 Crate of Fresh Apis to Mercenary Instructor
  • Train yourself

Click on the training log near the middle of the screen.

Story: You follow Setsinbol's advice, and have little trouble skewering the Apis, no matter how far away or in which hole you put them. After hitting one with no hands, you decide that your training is done, and head back to Setsinbol.


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