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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Amayiro
Other prerequisitesWell I'll Be! (Bonta Quest #41)
Recommended level
Total rewards65,000 XP, Alignment level 42
Items required
(not provided by quest)
SequelBlack Cat, White Cat (Bonta Quest #43)

An Eca Never Flips is a quest.



If the Ecaflip is a traveller, he probably stopped in one of the city's inns. Go ask the tavern keepers if they've seen any Ecaflips lately, and don't hang around boozing, remember you have a job to to.

Step 1: Inn CrawlEdit

The Bandit who owned this sword probably went in one of the Inns. Therefore, Innkeepers must know something.
  • Interrogate the innkeepers of Bonta
Drag select right then down from → to see spoiler.
Talk to Innkeeper Feubuk at [-27,-56] and Innkeeper Pinchaut at [-28,-50].
Ask about the Ecaflip rovers

Ecaflips, huh... yes, I had a few of them over not so long ago. They looked dodgy too, by the way. I think I overheard them talking about someone by the name of Lodax, not that I was listening or anything.

Find out more about Loudac

I'm not the type to listen in on people's conversations. I heard the name by accident while you were talking about selling stolen goods.

Demand more information

Stolen goods? I've never uttered a word about stolen goods. You must have heard wrong. I said 'swollen goods

Threaten prison

Heyyy, calm down, I don't want any trouble here. The Ecaflips were talking about a hideout somewhere in the Cania Plains, near the Trool Fair. That's really all I know about it. When they noticed I was getting a bit close for comfort, they lowered their voices considerably.

You will receive 1 Innkeeper Feubuk's notes.
Ask about the Ecaflip rovers

Ecaflips? Hah, didn't see no Ecaflips.
What is an Ecaflip anyway?

Assure him that he'll have problems if he doesn't cooperate.

Haven't seen any Ecaflips, but last night I heard the guards talking about a group of Ecaflips who were creating problems lately. Maybe that will help you...

Ask what guards were involved

There were several of them, Shere Hacanon was there I remember. He works at the south gate to the city, when he works at all.

You will receive 1 Innkeeper Pinchaut's notes.

Ecaflips? Dozens of voyagers pass through this gate every day, and that's just when it's quiet. During fairs, festivals and pilgrimages, I see hundreds of faces!

Talk about the problems the Ecaflips have been causing.

We've been having problems with a bunch of tipsy Ecaflips. The situation has gotten so bad that we've almost had to use physical force. Their leader finally told them off, saying that they had a job to do and that they were meant to do it discreetly.

Ask if he remembers anything else.

I've tried to remember, but I just can't think of anything else. Ahhh, yes. Wait. They spoke about meeting in camp ground to the west of... somewhere... as soon as they'd finished what they were doing.


News? Did the tavern keepers know something?

Show the notes

Ahh, yes, I think I remember. Lodax. Well, that's all nice and everything, but I've got more urgent business to attend to, and no dogsbody to hand. Imagine... I'd promised my nephew Dike Tarak a present if he got good marks at school

Ask what that's got to do with you.

The package I ordered is long overdue, but I've just found out the delivery guy slipped on some Dragoturkey Dung in front of the building entrance and he slid into the the canal where he drowned. I've got no chance of recovering the package in time, so you're going to bring the list of the following resources to Bowisse, the Amaknian shoemaker, so he can make a new pair of shoes.

You will lose 1 Innkeeper Feubuk's notes .
You will lose 1 Innkeeper Pinchaut's notes.


  • 65,000 XP
  • Your alignment level is now 42
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