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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Amayiro
Other prerequisitesDelayed Attack (Bonta Quest #60)
Recommended level
Total rewardsLevel Based XP, Alignment level 61
Items required
(not provided by quest)
100,000 Kamas or 1 Drheamer Claw, 1 Digshot Skin, 1 Powa Drhell Horn and 1 Perfidhius Eye
SequelMoon Island Investigations (Bonta Quest #62)

An Interesting Rumour is a quest.



Greetings, I bet Oto Mustam is looking for a way to gain an advantage over us. There is a very interesting rumour that's been heard for some time now: a magic horn of great power is hidden somewhere. The problem is that I don't know from where such a rumour could come, so if you know something about it, I'd be very interested.

Mention the magic horn of Sufokia.
A Sadida in Astrub told you about a magic horn in Sufokia? It's worth verifying that story. Head over there and talk to the keeper of the Ripate Inn, rumours abound in taverns.

Step 1: SufokiaEdit

Rumour has it there exists a horn with strong magic powers. The inhabitants of Sufokia have more information about it.

Hello my friend. What's brought you to Sufokia?

Find out more about the horn.

Gobball Horn? Just grab yourself a gobball, I don't see what the problem is. What, you're not talking about that kind of horn? Listen, I'd love to help you, but for starters you need to explain yourself more clearly, and secondly, I don't just give away information for free, if you know what I'm saying.

Rephrase the question and ask his price.

Ah yes, that rumour. Hmm, bring me some empty turtle carapaces from Moon to decorate my tavern, and I'll tell you about it. One of each colour, please.

End dialogue.

Step 2: Turtle CarapacesEdit

The keeper of the Ripate Inn wants you to bring him turtle carapaces from Moon-one in each colour. Maybe a large sum of kamas would work instead, though.
You can choose to either fetch him the resources or give him 100,000 Kamas.

Do you have my shells?

Hand over the shells.

So there you have it - the horn is on ... an island. Funny, isn't it ..
I don't know any more, I'm not a walking library like Harry Stottel.

End dialogue.

Step 3: Horn to be WildEdit

According to the keeper of the Ripate Inn, the horn can be found on an island. The scholars should be able to tell you more.

Shush! Quiet! You're in a library here. If you need a book, ask me. But no talking! Sssshhh, I said no talking. Go and sit down but don't make a sound.
I don't want to hear another peep out of you. Not even a whisper.

Ask about the magic horn on an island.

Shush, I said. Ask one question at a time, and keep your voice down.
So, rumours are rife of a magic horn in Sufokia and you want to know more about it? I haven't heard those rumours, I never leave this library. However, I do know the story of the horn, would you like to hear it?

Listen to the story.

The horn we are talking about was part of a creature named Thelama who terrorized the distant province of Pandala. During an evening spent asking for the goddess' help - some texts present this evening as a simple drinking session - the young Pandawushu disciple Fogornleg swore to his Master that he would defeat Thelama. Three months later, after Thelama had not been seen for five moons, Fogornleg's body was found, a bloody horn in his hand. Of Thelama there was no trace except the horn and so Fogornleg's Master gave it the name of his deceased disciple who had the courage to keep his promise at the cost of his life.
Thereafter, it became clear that the horn was vested with powerful magic which the Master Pandawa often use when they paid homage to the goddess. But what shouldn't have come to pass came to pass, and while recovering from an entire night spent praying to the goddess, the Horn was stolen.

Keep listening.

Never interrupt me. Be silent and listen to the end, we are not in a tavern, but in a library.
Where was I? Ah yes.
A few years later, the Fogornleg Horn resurfaced when Moon used it to colonise the island that bears his name. After establishing his authority, the monkey no longer needed the powers of the Fogornleg Horn and abandoned it. Thus it disappeared and now rumours, each more far-fetched than the last, circulate in the Taverns about the horn and its possible location, but I do not believe in these pub tales. Actually, you should go talk in such a place, the Amakna tavern is almost as noisy as you are.

End dialogue.

  • Ask the Innkeepers of Amakna about the Fogornleg Horn. (2,-1)
Talk to Laura Soho

Hi, I am Laura Soho, I'll be your waitress today. What can I get for you?

Find out more about the Fogornleg Horn.

Some slightly crazy adventurers have already set off looking for the Fogornleg Horn on Moon Island, and they claim to have seen the guardian. It's well worth noting that they were dressed up as Ambushers and had drunk a bottle of Greedoburg when he appeared to them, which says a lot for the credibility of their story. If I were you, I'd take their advice with a large pinch of salt.

Ask her for the Greedoburg recipe.

You received 1 How to Make Greedoburg
Drag select right then down from → to see spoiler.
Make 3x Bottle of Greedoburg because you will need to use it on three occasions and it lasts for only two fights.

You really want to know how to prepare that rot-gut? Well, whatever you want, but don't come complaining if you have hallucinations or have a mad half hour after drinking too much.
If you plan to visit Moon Island, I'd advise you to take a good fifty Kokokonuts with you. It seems that you get stuck in the horrible Moon jungle without them. Brrr, it gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.

End dialogue.

Step 4: KokoboyEdit


This item could give us the upper hand against the Brakmarians.

Explain what you've learned about the Fogornleg Horn.

I thought the search would take longer. It would appear that the rumours were true after all. We need to lay our hands on the Horn before Brakmar does.
Oh, but I see you've already prepared your stock of Kokonuts. You are motivated, I like my militiamen to plan ahead.

End dialogue.


  • Your alignment level is now 61.
  • Level Based XP
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