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Available Ankama GamesEdit

Name Genre Platforms
Dofus 1 MMORPG Windows, Mac, Linux
Dofus 2 MMORPG Windows, Mac, Linux, Steam
Waven MMORPG Windows, Mac, Linux
Wakfu MMORPG Windows, Mac, Linux, Steam
Krosmaga Card Tower Defense/Attack Windows, Mac, Steam, Android, iOS
Fly'N Platformer Steam
Abraca Action Steam
Islands of Wakfu Adventure Xbox 360
Dofus Touch MMORPG Android, iOS
Dofus Pets Simulation, Arcade Android, iOS
Tactile Wars Strategy Android, iOS
King Crusher RPG, Roguelike Android, iOS
Cosmobot Arcade Android, iOS
Drag'n'Boom Arcade Android, iOS
Nindash: Skull Valley Arcade Android, iOS
Wakfu: The Brotherhood Arcade Android, iOS
King Tongue Arcade Android, iOS, Windows Phone
Dofus Pogo Arcade Android, iOS
Dofus Battles 1 Tower Defense iOS
Dofus Battles 2 Tower Attack iOS
Striker Arena Sports iOS, Website

Unavailable Ankama GamesEdit

Name Genre Notes
Aggion Platformer Teaser (Youtube), Teaser (Vimeo)
Arty Slot Reflex Website Archive, Tot Information, Dofus Information, Ankama Information
Arty Slot: Block Battle Tetris-like First versions of Xelors, Iops and Sadidas could be seen in this game
Arty Slot: Chiken Quest Shoot 'Em Up Last game in the Arty Slot trilogy before Arty Slot: Duel that would later become Dofus
Arty Slot: Duel MMORPG First prototype of Dofus, focused on PvP
Call of Cookie Arcade (Mobile) Website Archive
Dofus Arena Arena MMORPG Website Archive, More Information
Dofus Arena Pocket Arena MMORPG (Mobile) Website Archive
Dofus Pets Village Simulation, Arcade Pets, Minigame Gameplay, Bow Meow Animations
Dofus Pocket Simulation (Mobile) Website Archive
FOO Platformer First Ankama Game
Gobbowl Sports Website Archive, More Information
Joris Platformer More Information
Krosmaster Arena Card/Figurine Strategy Website, Board Game, Board Game Online Play, Steam Community
Krosmoz Battle "Gultar vs Kris Kras" Fighting Research & Gameplay Video
Kwaan Adventure Website Archive, Twitter, Steam Community, Trailer
Maxi-Mini Arcade Website Archive, Game Episode 2 (Episodes 1 & 3 do not work), Trailer
Moon Platformer (GBA) More Information
Slage Hack and Slash Website Archive, Gameplay Trailer, Art, Art
Starfu MMORPG, Shoot 'Em Up Starfu mentioned, Image from Krosmaster Research
Voya Nui RPG Game Website, Game Download, More Information, Game Information, Gameplay Information
Wakfu MMORPG (DS) Devblog Website Archive
Wakfu Les Gardiens 1 MMORPG Game Website, More Information
Wakfu Les Gardiens 2 MMORPG Game Website, More Information
Wakfu Les Gardiens 3 MMORPG More Information (Fan-made)
Wakfu Raiders MMORPG (Mobile) Website Archive, Trailer, Gameplay Video
Wakfu TCG TCG More Information, Card List