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The feature(s) mentioned on this page have been removed from the game, and are merely left on the Wiki for historical reasons.

In Ankama Lottery, you can win a lot of presents. To play, you will need tokens that you receive when subscribing, buying Dofus Magazines from Ankama Shop. The longer you subscribe, the better tokens you get, which provides opportunity to win greater items. Ankama Lottery website

Token How to obtain
DOFUS Subscription Tokens
Tofu Token Tofu Token Free with one-week DOFUS subscriptions, and as a bonus with all the other subscriptions
Wabbit Token Wabbit Token Free with one-month DOFUS subscriptions
Rogue Token Rogue Token Free with three-month DOFUS subscriptions
Minotoror Token Minotoror Token Free with six-month DOFUS subscriptions
Dragon Token Dragon Token Free with one-year DOFUS subscriptions
Dofus Magazine Purchase Tokens
Goultard Token Goultard Token Free with Dofus Manga vol. 6 (French)
File:Pym Token.png Pym Token Free with 'Dofus Manga 8 + Dofus Arena' package (French)
Harry Stottle Token Harry Stottle Token Free with Dofus mag 1 (French)
Ganymede Token Ganymede Token Free with Dofus mag 2 (French)
Wally Elconom Token Wally Elconom Token Free with Dofus mag 3 (French)
Magus Ax Token Magus Ax Token Free with Dofus mag 4 (French)
Garathgoul Token Garathgoul Token Free with Dofus mag 5 (French)
File:Allister Token.png Allister Token Free with Dofus mag 6 (French)
File:Ingalsse Token.png Ingalsse Token Free with Dofus mag 7 (French)
50px Boulgour Token Free with Dofus mag 8 (French)
Tormentator Token Tormentator Tokens Free with manga 'DOFUS Monster : Le Chevalier Noir'
File:Shushette Token.png Shushette Tokens Shushette Lottery cards
File:Acidrik Gutsplitter Token.png Acidrik Gutsplitter Token Free with Dofus mag special edition 1 (French)
File:Yugo Token.png Yugo Token Free with Dofus mag special edition 2 (French)
File:Dragonfly Token.png Dragonfly Token
Other Tokens
Christmas 2010 Christmas 2010 Christmas 2010 giveaway
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