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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Divad Dleifrepok at [-26,34]
Other prerequisitesApprenticeship: Disciple of Hecate, Alignment level > 39
Recommended level
Total rewardsLevel-Based XP, Unsound Mind rank 2
Items required
(not provided by quest)
5 Magical Cure, 1 Healer Potion
SequelApprenticeship: Follower of Pain (Unsound Mind rank 3)

Apprenticeship: Dark Apprentice is a quest.


Talk to Divad Dleifrepok at [-26,34] in Brakmar.


NPCs text.

Dialogue options.

NPCs response to selected option.

Step 1: Rise and WalkEdit

Divad cannot resuscitate Terra Bitya to question her. You've been entrusted with the mission to improvise a ressurecting spell which can do it.
  • Read Erazal's Malediction in the library of Brakmar [-28,37]
Click the red book lying on the floor.

Step 2: I said: Rise and WalkEdit

Erazal's Malediction taught you how to force a soul to resurrect against its will. To do so, you must create a specific potion and follow a very precise ritual.
It can be dropped from Greedovores.
Drag select right then down from → to see spoiler.
[-26,36] in the jail upstairs, where you have two choices, 1) "Perform the ritual of Ezra's Malediction" or 2) "Threaten her." Choose the first.

Drag select right then down from → to see spoiler.


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