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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Shush Tercesasti at [-26,34]
Level required90
Other prerequisitesBrakmarian Alignment level 40+
Recommended level100
Total rewardsLevel-Based XP, Putrid Eye Order rank 2
Items required
(not provided by quest)
50 Gold, 1 Farle Sausage, 1 Oilbow Grease, 1 Perfect Soul Stone for Big Souls
SequelApprenticeship: Soul Hunter

Apprenticeship: Dark Spy is a quest.


Talk to Shush Tercesasti at [-26,34] in Brakmar.

Step 1: The Bridge to Terra Bitya'sEdit

Shush Tercesasti wants to lay his hands on the Statues of Sumens.
  • Go to the ritual room with the correct people
You will need a Level 100+ Osamodas with Soul Capture and a Level 100+ Alchemist, then go to the basement at [-26,34]. The osa must stand on the top tile, the alchemist on the right cell and your own character on the bottom tile to validate the quest.


Afterwards, you must "Use the soul stone on the grave of the Enutrof Terra Bitya, close to one of the bridges on the Kawaii River." Go to [3,-2], and click on the yellow stone at the bottom right.
Finally, go speak with Shush Tercesasti, where you must hand over Terra Bitya's soul.


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