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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Elviana Tirips
Other prerequisitesBontarian Alignment level 20+
Recommended level60
Total rewardsSalvatory Spirit rank 1
Items required
(not provided by quest)
SequelApprenticeship: Enlightened Apprentice

Apprenticeship: Disciple of Jiva is a quest.

Formerly known as Apprenticeship: Jiva Disciple.


Talk to Elviana Tirips at [-34,-57] in City Centre (Bonta) inside the Tower of Bontarian Orders, 2nd floor.


Let's see... It seems you've started to train with this brave Amayiro.
It might be time for you to choose an order and to specialise in a field to serve best the interests of Bonta!

I'm part of the Order of the Salvatory Spirit myself. If you wish to know more about another order, I recommend you visit the other floors of the tower...

Join the Salvatory Spirit Order

So, you wish to continue under my supervision within the Order of the Salvatory Spirit. A wise choice that you won't regret.
However, to confirm your membership, you'll have to find the clerk of the Order, Ybaul. Since both her brothers have qualms, she's going from tavern to tavern to find them. Bring her back here and we'll confirm your request.

Accept the request.

Step 1: In Search of the ClerkEdit

Ybaul, Clerk of the Order of the Salvatory Spirit, has been searching the taverns since his brothers disappeared. Take him back to Elviana Tirips.
  • Talk to Ybaul the Clerk
[-29,-57] inside Atyu Sirvis' Inn
You will receive 1 Ybaul's Badge
[-35,-61] inside Bonta Palace
You will receive 1 Royal Certificate


Related AchievementsEdit

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