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Quest Summary
Starting Talk to Divad Dleifrepok at (-26,34)
Other prerequisites Apprenticeship: Dark Apprentice, Alignment level > 59
Recommended level
Total rewards 450,000 XP, Unsound Mind rank 3
Items required
(not provided by quest)
2 or more Climbing Rope
Sequel Apprenticeship: Master of Brutality
Repeatable No

Apprenticeship: Follower of Pain is a quest.

Step 1: Terra Bitya's secret[edit | edit source]

Terra Bitya has finally been resuscitated. Now, you must convince her to reveal her secret to you.

  • Soak the Gabby Tongue in an enchanted well at (-15,-5) using a climbing rope
You need 5 more characters for this step (they don't necessarily need to be Brakmarian). Position 2 of them on the tiles outside, then let the other characters into the well. To get inside, a char needs to have a Climbing Rope in their inventory. It's possible to exchange the ropes once inside and to go back outside. This means you need a minimum of 2 Climbing Ropes to get all characters into the well. Have them stand on the four tiles and a door will open. In the next room, you need to stand on the tile in the middle of the room and the quest will update.

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