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Quest Summary
Starting Speak to Justfa Lafs at [-34,-57] on the second floor
Level required 100
Other prerequisites Bontarian Alignment level 40, Apprenticeship: Disciple of Menalt (Order Rank 1)
Recommended level 100
Total rewards Level based XP, Valiant Heart: Squire (Order Rank 2)
Items required
(not provided by quest)
40 Edelweiss, 10 Ambusher Buds
Sequel Apprenticeship: Knight of Hope
Repeatable No

Apprenticeship: Squire is a quest.

Starting Out[]

To get this quest you must finish the Bontarian Alignment quests up to 40.

You will also need to know or have access to 3 level 80 Alchemists and 3 level 40 Farmers for this quest.

To start this quest, Speak to Justfa Lafs in Tower of Bontarian Orders at [-34,-57]. He is located on the second floor of the tower in the furthest right room.


The mushrooms can be found in the first room of the Koolich Lair (after you pass the two rooms in the Koolich Cavern). They're found in the bottom left area of the map.
  • Burn the mushrooms and Merlinmagus Ambrosius's mixture in the Koolich Cavern
The fire can be found in the sixth room of Koolich Lair. Click on the white goblet of fire.
Hand over the burned mixture.

Now I just have to remember where I put that recipe...

Well, it's very simple. Put a drop of this potion on each seed and plant them all in the ground. Then just read this scroll aloud... you do know how to read, don't you?

This spell only works on Oats, so make sure you go to the right field! It's very important that you follow the instructions to the letter, which is why you'll need some farmers and alchemists to help you out. I've sent someone to prepare the field for you and I've marked the place on your map so you won't lose any time.

  • Find the map: Oat Fields [-30,-44]

At the moment I'm a militiaman in the Bontarian forces, but I'm going to convert to the other side and open a high-calorie restaurant chain. I just have to find some Trool hunters to get the meat for me and some fishermen to catch the fish and chips.

Talk about the Transgenesis spell.

Merlinmagus sent you? Well in that case, I'll tell you what you need to do. I've prepared things for you, all you need to find are some farmers, alchemists, a little potion and the spell.

The farmers stand on the white marks... and make sure they're able to grow oats, or they may ruin everything. The alchemists stand on the black marks and they must be able to use Freyesque Orchids in their potions. If you're an alchemist or farmer yourself you can stand on either the black or white mark. If not, just let me know when everyone's in their place.

  • To do this part you will need to find three Alchemists over level 80 and three Farmers over level 40. You may stand on one of the tiles yourself. One character cannot stand on two tiles, so you will need a total of 6 characters.
  • Once you have gotten the players you need have the three Alchemists stand on the black tiles and the three Farmers stand on the white tiles.
  • After everyone is standing on the appropriate tiles talk to Mac Ronald again.

Let's go, everyone back to work.


I've been told the Transgenesis is going to happen, so now we can get the rest of our crops growing at the same rate. Raymond Santho is gonna be happy. Speaking of old Ray, you should pay him a visit to find out how we're going to divvy up the crop. He's away in Astrub at the moment, so you shouldn't have too much trouble finding him. If you're unsure where to look when you get there, just keep an eye on the Farmers' Market - he'll no doubt be wheeling and dealing as usual.


What do you want, you pile of Trool dirt? I'm an important Bontarian merchant, I don't have time to chat to your type.

Talk about his cereal cultures.

Oh, I'm so very sorry. With the garb you're wearing, I thought you were an Astrubian fresh off the airship from Incarnam. You really should have a word with your tailor.

So a Transgenesis spell was cast on my Oat crop? That's a good thing, mind you. It'll increase my production, so I'll earn more money. Tell Justfa Lafs that when I get back, I'll come by to talk to him and Steward Danathor about how we're going to use it to feed the militia.

  • Talk to Justfa Lafs at [-34,-57] on the second floor.

Greetings. Have you found a way to make cereals grow quicker?


That's great news! Now that the cereals are growing quicker, we'll have plenty of food for the Dragoturkeys. We could even try the same technique for the cereals we feed the troops with. Well, congratulations, I pronounce you a Squire of the realm.


Related Achievements[]

  • Until Further Orders
  • Extraordernarily