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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Colonel Rumo at [5,-6]
Other prerequisitesA Bad Case of the Simples
Recommended level90
Total rewardsLevel-based XP (Max: 1,565,600), 19,760 Kamas, 1 Daddy Longlex Mouthparts, 1 Gargantula Teeth and 1 Nephilady Silk
Items required
(not provided by quest)
SequelMunster Makes the Mystery Less Mysterious

Arak-Havoc is a quest.


Talk to Colonel Rumo at [5,-6] in Amakna Castle.


The Amakna militia fights each day so that King Allister can sleep soundly. We are aware of the irony of our mission: we are ready to fight to keep the peace.

Announce that you are ready to work with the Foresters of Amakna.

Excellent! Your first task will be to confront some Arak-hai, to study their behaviour. Knowledge of an enemy's tactics is key to victory. You have already fought some of these creatures so I'm sure you're capable of handling yourself.

Respond that you're not afraid of fighting.

Of that I have no doubt. You will report directly to Cornelia, the quickest of my Foresters. She will be waiting for you near to the edge of the forest.

Head to the Arak-hai Forest.

Step 1: Arak-HavocEdit

Colonel Rumo has asked you to gauge the Arak-hai threat: should King Allister be worried about an attack on the village? Should he take drastic measure to eradicate these creatures? Only you can provide answers to such questions.
Note: the steps above can be done in any order.
If you choose the dialogue option to flee away, you will be teleported to 1 map down ([-6,-9]).
Else you will start a fight with Cornelia Granpa against 1 Royal Spynner (similar to Nephilady) and 2 The Queen's Executors (similar to Daddy Longlex).
  • Defend yourself against the ambush
These are slightly upgraded versions of regular Arak-hai Forest monsters. The Queen's Executors can insta-kill webbed targets in close range, so be careful.
Other characters can join the fight.
You will drop 1 Spynner Gland.
  • Find the Arak-hai Queen
Go to the Lair of the Rac Queen, 5th room.
Do not choose the dialogue option to exit the dungeon before updating this quest step.


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