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Archmonsters are buffed variants of existing monsters. They are distinguishable by their unique names, normally in the form X the Y.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

  • Level and appearance: Identical to the normal monsters
  • HP: x2
  • AP: +1
  • MP: +1
  • Elemental resistances: +10%
  • AP/MP resistances: +10%
  • Characteristics: Increased (thus damage done and initiative are also increased)
  • XP: Increased
  • Drop rate: x2
  • In some cases additional spells
  • In some cases additional drops
  • Limited spawn areas (for instance they can't spawn in dungeons)

Archmonster Lists[edit | edit source]

While no official distinction exists, archmonsters can be viewed as being part of one of two groups: the original ones first released and required for the quest An Eternal Harvest or those found on the seasonal area the Archipelago of Vulkania.

Original Archmonsters[edit | edit source]

Monster name Archmonster name Soul required in step
Aboub Abounteous the Generous 26
Aggressive Arachnee Arachnekros the Aggressive 20
Air Pikoko Follikoko the Tufted 33
Alert Black Dragoss Draghouse the Cynical 32
Alert Black Dreggon Dreggoog the Downunder 30
Alert Golden Dragoss Draigovsky the SocalledSwan 32
Alert Golden Dreggon Dreggooniz the Adventurous 30
Alert Sapphire Dragoss Dragossiper the Nag 32
Alert Sapphire Dreggon Dreggrieg the Pianist 30
Alert White Dragoss Dragorse the Wild 32
Alert White Dreggon Dreggooliz the Macho 30
Ambusher Ambushapens the Unlucky 23
Amlub Amlullabeye the Dreamer 26
Apero Ghost Aperobics the Dynamic 29
Arachnee Arakula the Carpature 20
Araknawa Arachnawar the Killinmachin 26
Arepo Ghost Arepotair the Bespectacled 29
Bambooto Bambottinit the Quiet 23
Barbrossa Barbrosskam the Chief 29
Barkritter Barkricrac the Unsteady 32
Black Dragoss Dragospel the Black 28
Black Dreggon Dreggommomm the Chewer 29
Black Gobbly Gobballyhoo the Noisy 20
Black Tiwabbit Tiwana the Tokin' 21
Black Wabbit Wabbin the Wich 23
Bloody Koalak Koaldman the Garish 32
Blue Jelly Jellvis the King 21
Blue Larva Larvalaska the Cold 20
Blue Piwi Piwiki the Witty 20
Blue Scaraleaf Scarahazad the Storyteller 24
Blue Snapper Snappu the Shopkeep 23
Blue Spimush Spimushty the Smelly 24
Blue Turtle Turtan'ernie the Streetwise 22
Boar Boarnigen the Damasker 22
Boggedown Ouassingue Ouassingiam the Tyrant 27
Boomba Boombora the Dangerous 25
Boowolf Booty the Beast 30
Brave Ghost Ghostabrava the Tourist 29
Brown Snapper Snapp the Dragon 23
Brown Spimush Speedmush the Racer 24
Brown Warko Warko the Inky 31
Bulbamboo Bulbamoon the Trumpeter 22
Bulbiflor Bulbisonic the Penetrating 23
Bulbig Bulbigroov the Dancer 31
Bulbush Bulbushisu the Makisan 25
Burning Ghost Polterghaisk the Stray Soul 29
Bwork Bworak the Bohemian 24
Bwork Archer Blorko the Colourful 23
Bwork Magus Bworkoder the Mazter 23
Cannon Dorf Ganon the Dwarf 29
Chafer Chaferanho the Essential 25
Chafer Archer Chaferotix the Sixtininth 26
Chafer Foot Soldier Chafred the Fish 25
Chafer Lancer Chafermented the Drinker 26
Cheeken Cheech the Pussycat 33
Coco Biblop Biblopopo the Organiser 22
Coco Blop Blopulent the Pretentious 25
Coco Koalak Jackoalak the Ripper 29
Codem Codemonic the Mean 26
Coralator Kojaklator the Lollipoper 28
Crab Krabaoly the Patient 20
Crackler Jiminicrackler the Conscious 24
Crackrock Crackrockisree the Tiger 24
Crobak Crowmanion the Primitive 23
Crocodyl Croccyx the Bummer 25
Crocodyl Chief Crokdylann the Rebel 30
Dark Baker Bakeraider the Tomb 21
Dark Miner Minoskittle the Coloured 23
Dark Pikoko Pikhoven the Deaf 31
Dark Rose Zorrose the Messican 23
Dark Smith Smitherz the Licker 26
Dark Treechnee Treekalack the Sad 31
Dark Treechnid Treekonk the Stunned 31
Dark Treeckler Treekness the Dark 32
Demonic Rose Roseanne the Yanker 21
Dok Alako Dokterwho the Tardisporter 27
Dragostess Dragangora the Softy 30
Drakoalak Drakoamax the Mad 32
Dreggon Warrior Dregguantico the Trainer 31
Drunken Pandalette Pandarwin the Naturist 28
Drunken Pandawa Pandan the Desperate 28
Earth Kwak Kwakamole the Appetising ?
Elite Chafer Chaferuption the Volcanic 27
Evil Dandelion Dandel the Boy 20
Evil Tofu Tofulsom the Jailer 20
Farle's Pig Pighatchoo the Electrical 25
Fire Kwak Kwadbury the Chocolaty ?
Fisheralak Fisheralf the Stewart 31
Floramor Floramodovar the Stoned 32
Flying Dreggon Dragory the Violent 31
Fungi Master Fung Ku the Master 27
Furious Whitish Fang Lupisnockio the Woodwolf 23
Gargoyl Gargoyla the Paranoiac 24
Gink Ginsync the Hyperactive 26
Glukoko Glukoko the Slow 21
Gobball Gobballad the Romantic 21
Gobball War Chief Gobbalky the Stubborn 22
Goblin Goblimp the Bis Kit 21
Golden Dragoss Dragostino the Tiny 28
Golden Dreggon Dreggump the Shrimp 29
Grass Snake Grasnakizanami the Ruler 29
Greedovore Greetdoff the Gentleman 31
Green Larva Larvadelaide the Ozie 21
Green Piwi Piwiliam the Brave 20
Green Scaraleaf Scaramel the Melty 24
Green Snapper Snappy the Fishfrier 23
Green Spimush Spimushtache the Hairy 22
Green Turtle Turtrenalds the Tragic 23
Grey Mouse Famouse the Little-Known 20
Grossewer Raeman Shamassel the Off 27
Grossewer Rat Rattle the Hummer 28
Gwandpa Wabbit Gwabbit the Wunner 26
Gwass Supergwass the Free 29
Hazwonarm Hazwonball the Hickler 29
Holy Bambooto Bambono the Holy 31
Hyoactive Rat Ratilla the Hun 29
Ice Kwak Kwakwatic the Soaked ?
Immature Black Dreggon Dragoolash the Stewed 28
Immature Golden Dreggon Drakween the Cross Dresser 28
Immature Koalak Koaldmen the Grumpy 27
Immature Sapphire Dreggon Dreggershween the Tinpanalley 28
Immature White Dreggon Dreggonzola the Cheesy 28
Indigo Biblop Billbiblop the Great 22
Indigo Blop Blopium the Delirious 25
Indigo Koalak Crackoalak the Blonde 29
Invisible Chafer Chafaldrag the Charming 24
Kaniger Kaniedoss the Giggling 30
Kanniball Jav Kanniranda the Maniac 27
Kanniball Sarbak Kannemik the Skinny 28
Kanniball Thierry Kannarrie the Reckless 28
Kanniballbo Kannimantha the Maneater 27
Karne Rider Karnyona the Rider 22
Khamelerost Khameleltux the Tolerant 24
Kido Kidodo the Extinct 30
Kilibriss Killua the Assassin 30
Kirevam Kirevampiro the Wrestler 26
Kitsou Nae Kitchy the Scratcher 28
Kitsou Nakwa Kitsewey the Blue 24
Kitsou Nere Kitsouie the Green 31
Kitsou Nufeu Kitsuey the Red 32
Kloon Snapper Snappster the Sued 25
Koalak Forester Popoalak the Mousibrown 31
Koalak Gravedigger Koalarchitect the Balancing Force 31
Koalak Master Koalakropolis the King of the Hill 33
Koalak Mummy Jackoalak the Moonwalker 32
Koalak Rider Koelloggs the Creator 31
Koalak Warrior Chukoalak the Norris 30
Kokoko Misskokoko the Channel 26
Kokonut Kokonan the Talker 21
Kolerat Koleraspootin the Anesthesialogist 21
Kurasso Craboral Crabartanian the Allforone 25
Kurasso Palmflower Palmella the Hefty 28
Kwoan Kwoanium the Smart 21
Leopardo Leopardon the Sorry 28
Leopardo Ghost (monster) Leorio the Haunted 33
Let Emoliug Lert Macraken the Used Emo 26
Light Treeckler Treekstalbal the Psychic 33
Lousy Pig Knight Pygknightlion the Lousy 26
Lousy Pig Shepherd Pigstol the Sexy 22
Mahlibuh Craboral Craborthos the All 25
Mahlibuh Palmflower Palmpilot the Yuppie 27
Maho Firefoux MoMaho the Modernist 32
Maho Firefoux Ghost Miomaho the Siciliano 34
Major Arachnee Arachma the Greek 26
Mama Koalak Mamankalak the Bibliomaniac 32
Manderisha Salamaa the Henpeck 24
Miliboowolf Milivanilli the Mime 23
Minokid Minoknok the Visitor 27
Minoskito Milikkybum the Informer 23
Mint Jelly Jelleno the Chinny 21
Miremop Mopidyk the Mire 32
Mojeeto Craboral Crabaramis the One 25
Mojeeto Palmflower Palmoleaf the Greasy 27
Moopet Moops the Bubbleboy 31
Mopeat Mopfeet the Circular 32
Mopy King Roy the Rover 34
Morello Cherry Biblop Biblokajin the Bald 22
Morello Cherry Blop Blorchid the Gorgeous 25
Morello Cherry Koalak Koaly the Fiddler 29
Moskito Moskoitus the Interruptor 20
Mufafah Mufavabeenz the Cannibal 30
Mush Mish Mushketeer the Loyal 33
Mush Mush Matmushmush the Flasher 20
Mush Rhume Mushuliet the Catapulet 33
Mush Tup Romush the Montecchi 33
Mushd Mushdrill the Piercer 22
Mushmunch Edvushmunch the Screamer 33
Mushnid Nidsally the Mushtang 33
Nebgib Nebuchadnezzar the Conqueror 26
Neye Eyemi the Narcissist 23
Nipul Niptuk the Plasticynic 26
Olantewn Jackellington the Lantewn 22
One-armed Bandit Bandirty the Messy 21
Oni Oni'orses the Foolish 31
Orange Larva Larvalencia the Orange 21
Osurc Osurcus the Tamer 26
Ouassingal Ougineemo the Lost 27
Ouassingue Ouassup the Irritating 27
Ouginak Ougathard the Fortunate 28
Pandikaze Pandaltry the Unknown 27
Pandikaze Ghost Pandipoopik the Wondrous 33
Pandit Pandartmoore the Dogged 27
Pandora Pandora the Explorer 34
Pandora Ghost Pandoracle the Opposing Force 34
Pandulum Pandali the Surreal 30
Pandulum Ghost Pandumonium the Joker 33
Passaoh Craboral Crabathos the For 26
Passaoh Palmflower Naypalm the Herbivorous 27
Piglet Pigoblet the Useful 22
Pink Piwi Piwi the Ermine 20
Pippin Biblop Bibloponey the Entertainer 22
Pippin Blop Blopal the Precious 25
Pippin Koalak Snapoalak the Redhead 29
Piralak Piralhaka the Intimidator 31
Plain Boar Boarealis the Bright 27
Plain Crackler Cracklerod the Old 27
Plain Pikoko Prikoko the Witless 30
Plissken Serpico the Honest 21
Poacher Pocher the Kingponger 31
Polished Crackler Crackedral the Majestic 30
Polished Crackrock Crackrodilrock the Helltune 27
Prespic Prestreet the Fighter 22
Purple Piwi Piwinston the Churlish 20
Purple Warko Worka the Willful 32
Quetsnakiatl Quetnin the Fictional 28
Raul Mops Raul Modrid the Chulo 28
Reapalak Ryukualak the Bored 33
Red Piwi Piwilde the Bossie 20
Red Scaraleaf Scarabreef the Short 24
Red Spimush Spimushuaia the Traveller 24
Red Turtle Turticorn the Horned 23
Rib Rib the Torn 24
Rogue Clan Bandit Bandinamit the Explosive 21
Rotaflor Floratio the Investigator 31
Sapphire Dragoss Dragoskovit the Barefoot 28
Sapphire Dreggon Dreggatón the Latino 29
Scaratos Scaraheath the Hanger 25
Scurvion Scorbison the Lonely 25
Sick Arachnee Arachnangel the Hopeful 20
Sick Grossewer Milirat Miliopold the Bloomer 22
Sick Grossewer Rat Ratatouille the Stirrer 25
Sick Tofu Tofull the Optimist 20
Skeleton Wabbit Wabbitor the Apt 24
Snailmet Snailmetalika the Garagician 33
Soryo Firefoux Sorgyo Quiretox the Chatterbox 32
Soryo Firefoux Ghost Satonuki the Plastikpaddy 33
Sparo Sparodi the Python 29
Strawberry Jelly Jellyposukshion the Slim 24
Susej Suzessman the Enthusiastic 26
Tanuki Chan Ghost (Air) Tanukhuina the Drawer 30
Tanuki Chan Ghost (Earth) TanuKiki the Deliveryghost 30
Tanuki Chan Ghost (Fire) Tanno the Dominator 30
Tanuki Chan Ghost (Neutral) Tanukhiraru the Gifted 30
Tanuki Chan Ghost (Water) Tanaked the Stalker 30
Tanukouï San Ghost Tanuktonik the Doofdoof 34
Tikokoko Eskoko the Baron 21
Tiwabbit Tiwaldo the Hidden 21
Tiwabbit Wosungwee Tiwascal the Wapper 21
Tofu Tofudd the Hunter 20
Treechnee Treeknidylus 25
Treechnid Treekniddio the Needy 24
Trool Trooligan the Bulldogg 33
Trumperelle Trumpaynor the Survivor 33
Trunknid Trunkbeard the Gentle 25
Vampire Vamp the Impalest 22
Vampire Master Lord Lacedhat the Vampiric 23
Venerable Treechnid Treektamak the Loud 27
Wabbit McWhabbit the Diehard 22
Warguerite Warazpacho the Cherrilla 29
White Dragoss Dragaustin the Power 28
White Dreggon Dragamemnon the Deadtroyer 29
White Gobbly Gobbach the Contrapuntaler 20
White Scaraleaf Scaratheef the Pincher 24
White Snapper Snapple the Wise 23
Whitish Fang Snowhitisha the Pure 22
Wild Almond Dragoturkey Dragotitis the Painful 24
Wild Ginger Dragoturkey Drakokidoki the Volunteer 25
Wild Koalak Koalsen the Similar 32
Wild Sunflower Hunflower the Sinful 21
Wind Kwak Kwaked the Pirated ?
Wo Wabbit Wowalker the Egyptian 26
Yellow Piwi Piwicker the Manly 20
Yellow Turtle Turture the Hooded 22
Yokai Firefoux Yokai the Choral 33
Yokai Firefoux Ghost Yoksai the Spirited 34
Zoth Disciple Ezothbeitor the Neighbour 31
Zoth Girl Calipzoth the Icy 32
Zoth Master Don Quizothe the Stubborn 33
Zoth Sergeant Zouzoth the Cuddly 33
Zoth Warrior Zigzoth the Indecisive 32

Archipelago of Vulkania Archmonsters[edit | edit source]

Monster name Archmonster name Soul required in quest
Dry Juvenile Sauroshell Dynasaur the Scaly Soul Fur Safari
Dry Mature Sauroshell Sauriasis the Flaky Soul Omonkane Safari
Dry Novice Sauroshell Saurlax the Sleepy Ton Soul Safari
Dry Venerable Sauroshell Tyranno the Despotic Soul Preshun Safari
Incandescent Juvenile Sauroshell Prontosaur the Punctual Soul Fur Safari
Incandescent Mature Sauroshell Saurgei the Rushing Soul Omonkane Safari
Incandescent Novice Sauroshell Bedsaur the Blotchy Ton Soul Safari
Incandescent Venerable Sauroshell Censaur the Forbidding Soul Preshun Safari
Insipid Juvenile Sauroshell Segasaur the Megadriven Soul Fur Safari
Insipid Mature Sauroshell Scisaur the Pointed Soul Omonkane Safari
Insipid Novice Sauroshell Sauroful the Regretting Ton Soul Safari
Insipid Venerable Sauroshell Eyesaur the Repulsive Soul Preshun Safari
Moist Juvenile Sauroshell Ikthyosaur the Fishy Soul Fur Safari
Moist Mature Sauroshell Saurbet the Refreshing Soul Omonkane Safari
Moist Novice Sauroshell Absaurbo the Spongy Ton Soul Safari
Moist Venerable Sauroshell Saurcery the Magical Soul Preshun Safari
Muddy Juvenile Sauroshell Blubasaur the Weepy Soul Fur Safari
Muddy Mature Sauroshell Saurdid the Scandalous Soul Omonkane Safari
Muddy Novice Sauroshell Saurbic the Acidic Ton Soul Safari
Muddy Venerable Sauroshell Sauruman the Destructive Soul Preshun Safari
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